Meicai, a Leading B2B Fresh Company, Received the Top 10 B2B Companies Award in 2018 China Industrial Internet Conference
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Meicai (美菜), a leading B2B fresh company, appeared in the 2018 China Industrial Internet Conference that is hosted in Ningbo and received the award of top 10 B2B companies recently.

According to, co-hosted by Ningbo Economic and Information Commission, Ningbo Commerce Commission, Ningbo Ports and Anti-smuggling Office, Ningbo Yinzhou District Municipal Government, the fifth China Industrial Internet Conference has summarized the development of Industrialized Internet and look ahead to the future.

China Industrial Internet Conference, previously being called China B2B E-commerce Conference, is the highest tier Industrial Internet conference in China. The conference officially changed its name to China Industrial Internet Conference in 2018, indicating it is a historical transaction to Industrial Internet and big internet companies starts to focus on B2B field. Tecent announced that it will target Industrial Internet for the next two decades. Alibaba announced its Feilong Industrial Internet Platform, elevating the reform of manufacturing industry by using big data, cloud calculating and IoT. Baidu released its AI to B platform. Led by BAT, Chinese Industrial Internet is developing fast in 2018.

Meicai and Freshhema (盒马鲜生) are the leading companies in the fresh industry. Whilst Freshhema focuses more on the customers, Meicai is building a industry chain from the farmers to the business. Founded by LIU ChuanJun (刘传军), a scientific researcher who is majored in space physics, Meicai’s goal is to provides better connection between farmers and restaurants.

For years, the notion of Chinese farmers is to be better off through diligent work. However, with limited knowledge and information, farmers find it difficult to sale their agriculture products, or only get limited money by sharing the profit with middlemen and the agriculture products market. Meicai is the company who is solving this problem.

Collecting the orders from the restaurants, Meicai brings the needs of various species of agriculture products to the farmers and organizes the farmers to operate the scale production. Meicai helps the farmers to produce needed agriculture products based on the market requirement, and helps the farmers to improve their effectiveness through technology, devices and service. Also, Meicai is building a logistics system customized for the agriculture industry, which could keep fresh for various species of agriculture product. With the support of Chinese government's policy on target poverty reduction, Meicai is growing fast in the trend of Industrialized Internet. 

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