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According to, Makeblock, the Shenzhen based STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) Education Company announced their official Chinese name Tongxinzhiwu (童心制物) and released its three new products on October 18, 2018 in its product launch event.

Founded in 2013, Makeblock teaches the kids to learn STEAM with a playful mood. The company sales DIY (do-it-yourself) robotic kits to the kids. As robotic products can be easily accepted by overseas client, Makeblock's business strategy is to expand overseas first. Currently, with more than 70% of oversea users, Makeblock has acquired good reputation in the western countries, and has been reported by Forbes for several times. Under this situation, Makeblock officially announced its Chinese name, which indicates its expansion to Chinese Market.

With fast-developing technology, many traditional jobs will be replaced by AI in the future. It is more important for people to control and interact with robots in the future. Focusing on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) Education, Makeblock can give the kids more oppotunities to adapt the future by improving their multiple skills whilst observing and interacting with the robots. As Makeblock provides education for the future, currently, it has obtained 6 million users around the globe. 

In this product launch event, Makeblock released its latest three products: LaserBox (激光盒子), MotionBlock (灵越模组机器人), Haloboard (光环板).

The LaserBox is an intelligent laser cutting machine applied with data visualization. LaserBox is designed for childrens' creativity and imagination. Children can create objects by simply drawing it on the intelligent material. After the LaserBox finished the laser cutting, the kids can even create a kingdom of themselves. By educating through entertainment, LaserBox are training kids' ability of imagination and hands on skills.

MotionBlock is a programmable motion robots with more than 10 modules. Children can easily build up one module in minutes, and learn robotics principles, programming language theory, bionics, engineering, and mathse whilst playing with the robots. 

HolaBoard is a wireless singleboard computer designed for programming education. Children can program on PC or mobile terminals and enjoy different functions of AI through HolaBoard.

Cooperated with several schools, MakeBlock provides teaching resouces related to Artificial Intelligence. Also, MakeBlock offers Robot Competition to children. With a complete education industry chain covering robot, software, teaching resources, and competition, there could exist high possibility that MakeBlock will be a more impresive education institute in the future. 

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