QKM Technology was Shortlisted in the "2018 China Smart Manufacturing Top 30 Enterprises"
COVID-19 and China

The "BATi Intelligent Manufacturing and Intelligent Product Forum" jointly sponsored by SPEK and was successfully held at Shenzhen Vanke Qianhai (深圳万科前海)international Conference Center on 19th Oct. The forum served as a platform for attendants to let their imagination flow, to discuss freely about smart manufacturing and smart product related issues, and to explore the trend of technological innovation and the opportunities in the new era of artificial intelligence (AI 2.0).

As the upgrade of China's manufacturing sector as a whole accelerated, after the release of "Made in China 2025" (Made in China 2025 is a strategic plan of China issued by Chinese Premier LI Keqiang(李克强) and his cabinet in May 2015. The goals of Made in China 2025 include increasing the Chinese-domestic content of core materials to 40% by 2020 and 70% by 2025.), the smart manufacturing industry has been expedited, and there are still legions of opportunities exist in sub-industries. SHI Jinbo(石金博), founder of QKM Technology(李群自动化), was invited as a special guest, together with outstanding colleagues of hers in investment and industrial robot core component manufacturers, to share observations and thoughts around the industry chain of Industrial robot in China, and explore the potential projects in technological innovation and innovative production powered by automation and intelligence in smart manufacturing.

The forum also released the list of "2018 China Smart Manufacturing Top 30 Enterprises", QKM Technology, as a leader in lightweight robots in China, entered the list because of its vigorous development and innovative technology in industrial robot industry, and became a representative in China's new smart manufacturing era.

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