Financials, Automotive, Technology Author:Jia Li Dec 28, 2018 07:34 PM (GMT+8)

QKM Technology AH3 series SCARA robot won the 2018 Robot Industry Good Product Award for its independent innovation in core technology.

The fifth of the GG-IB(高工产研) sponsored Golden Globe Awards was held in Shenzhen on the evening of December 18th, The theme for this year's Golden Globe Award Ceremony is "To find the perfect seashell on the beach", which means to find the best among all the companies with cutting-edge innovative technology in the robotics industry. QKM Technology(李群自动化) AH3 series SCARA robot won the 2018 Robot Industry Good Product Award for its independent innovation in the core technology of industrial robots.

The AH3 series SCARA robot is a compact all-in-one SCARA robot designed by QKM Technology for small load and limited space application scenarios. It is the very first to adopt a new generation integrated distributed controller, both the hardware and software are independently developed; With more diversified solutions, the company enables the optimization in convenience, stability and cost control of the manufacturing process for their customers.

Lightweight and easy to use:

AH3 series robot adopted QKM Technology's pioneering design of the integrated controller. It is a compact model with no separate control cabinet, weighing only 15kg, and has a small footprint; there is no complicated wiring; it also features movable rails which make it ready to be used anywhere, and anytime, like everyday appliances. Therefore, flexible deployment and installation of the robots can be achieved. 

Accurate and stable:

The new generation distributed control system independently developed by QKM Technology ensures the smooth and stable operating of the robot. Repeatability reaching ±0.01 mm, it is suitable for high-precision assembly and loading and unloading scenes in industries such as 3C electronics, automotive electronics, renewable energy, and precision instruments. Moreover, the distributed controller features a localized, user-friendly Chinese operation interface, which is very easy to be mastered.

Ever since the debut of QKM Technology's first robot in 2013, the upgrade of the existing product and the development of new products had been ever-accelerating. The company has grown into one of the very few Chinese companies in the industry with full-scope industrial robot products, and also formed a "robot + platform for application software +intelligent solution" product system. In the future, the company will continue to provide ingenious robot products and reliable services for manufacturing companies, assist enterprises to build intelligent production systems, and enhance their manufacturing capabilities.