Kujiale was Awarded 2018 Influential Brand By Baidu
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Dec. 24, Baidu(百度) teamed up with more than 100 home furnishing industry brands to hold the "Aim at the best • Yes, AI Do" --Baidu 2018 Furniture and Home Furnishings Industry Influential Brand Annual Awards Ceremony in Foshan(佛山), Guangzhou(广州). Kujiale(酷家乐) was invited to attend the ceremony, and due to its technological breakthroughs in the industry and its rapid development, it was awarded 2018 "2018 Chinese Furniture and Home Furnishings Industry Influential Brand".

Other than being merely an award ceremony, guests invited also offered speech and shared their thoughts around transformations in China's Furniture and Home Furnishings Industry, explored the new trends and opportunities, also reviewed the powerful influence AI had on China's Furniture and Home Furnishings Industry.

With more than 40 enterprises receiving three types of awards at the ceremony, including "2018 Chinese Furniture and Home Furnishings industry leadership brand", "2018 Chinese Furniture and Home Furnishings industry influential brand" and "Baidu Yearly Strategic Partner Brand". It is quite evident Baidu is not aiding the industry to grade the players, differentiating the victors from the underdogs, but to empower the industry with further encouragement and optimism. Baidu's gesture may also suggest they will back innovative technologies and cooperate with valuable companies in the industry to help China's Furniture and Home Furnishings industry to execute the industry-wide reform.

Secretary-General of Guangdong Foshan Ceramic Industry Association Dr. Yin Hong(尹虹), pointed out China has entered the Marketing 3.0 era. AI could better supplement collaboration, cultural and spiritual need in today's marketing. In the future, Baidu will exercise its unique and powerful China-local focused searching engine based on big data and AI, to provide Chinese business owners with precision and intelligence in marketing. Kujiale's major market currently is still China mainland; for Chinese companies offering products and solutions via internet like Kujiale, Baidu has always been and will still be their optimum marketing partner.

Mr. YU Yang(余飏), the general manager of Kujiale's strategic cooperation department introduced their Cloud Design Platform to the guests invited and shared the projects successfully conducted by Kujiale to showcase how big data and internet could revitalize China's Furniture and Home Furnishings industry.

Kujiale provides a cloud design platform constructed for the purpose of connecting global designers, home and furnishing brands, decoration companies and homeowners, to establish a healthy, integrated and organized eco-system to remedy the ever-present defects in China's Furniture and Home Furnishings industry.

Dedicated to the development of cloud rendering, cloud design, BIM, VR, AR, AI, and other technologies. Promising its customers "what you see is what you get"; Kujiale had endowed them with the luxury 360-degree viewing experience. Their platform brags about the rapidity of generating an entire home decoration plan in only 5 minutes, home improvement renderings completed in 10 seconds and one-click to generate VR solution.

Covering 90% of the country's different floor plans; featuring 6 million product models and 60 million sets of design solutions; owning 5 million registered designers (covering 40% of the entire country's interior designers) and over 15 million registered homeowners. The company has a solid performance in today's Furniture and Home Furnishings industry in China. Comparing with its peers, it enjoys a distinct advantage due to its AI-enabled and big data-based nature. They are also utilizing the data accumulated from real home furnishing scenarios to feed its AI self-learning system, and the AI could help them optimize their product conversely.

Though the technology Kujiale developed seems unequaled in furniture and home furnishings in China, the fountainhead of it originated from the west, google applied it into its navigation product, while Kujiale in the home and furnishing sector. In the future, which other sectors would Kujiale choose to implement the technology or just stays in its own comfort zone remains a question, further application of their technology in other sectors would possibly help the company to serve bigger crowds; However, nurtured by such a huge home and furnishings market in China, Kujiale would not find it very challenging to stay prosperous even if it did not dare to explore the other sectors.

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