GE Jiaqi, CEO of VIP Peilian, Introduced Online Product's Iteration in 2018 GES
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December 3, 2018, GE Jiaqi (葛佳麒), the founder and CEO of VIP Peilian, introduced online education product's iteration with VIP Peilian's experience in 2018 Global Education Summit (GES). 

Under the guidance of Development Research Center of the State Council and Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, Global Education Summit is the top tier conference that directs the future development of China's education. 

Themed as Combination, Innovation, Let education light up every one, the 2018 Global Education Summit  was opened in Beijing on December 3, 2018. ZHU ZhiWen (朱之文), the deputy director of Ministry of Education, emphasized that Education should follow innovation trend, and root in the Chinese tradition. GE Jiaqi mainly introduced the experience and method of VIP Peilian in 2018 GES's Sub-Forum: Creating a Benchmark for Online Education Services.

Founded in 2014, VIP Peilian is the online music education company that offers instruction to musical instrument practinng. GE Jiaqi introduced that VIP Peilian has upgraded its system and products several times to meet the market needs.

In the early stage, VIP Peilian's system was supported by its staff: the teachers have their own way to communicate and educate the students. However, with the rapid development, the human resources of VIP Peilian cannot support the market. Hence, VIP Peilian decieded to upgrade its system to improve the efficiency of teaching resources. What a surprise that this system upgrade not only improve the efficiency, and it even brought a new systematic education method to VIP Peilian. The standardization of knowledge and techniques leads to reliable education quality. VIP Peilian gradually accumulates good reputation through the system upgrade. 

VIP Peilian keeps iterating its products and improve the users' experience. In early December, VIP Peilian has launched its pad version. In this version, VIP Peilian can use hawk eye lens to analyze the students' practicing with big data and motion capture, and this function can provide the students with precise instructions. The upgrade of the products lead VIP Peilian to a more professional online education institute. 

As VIP Peilian keeps upgrading its system and products, the capital is continuing the investment in this company. VIP Peilian has acquired Series C Financing of USD 150 million on November 11, this is the biggest investment in online music education industry. With 5 rounds of funding, VIP Peilian is valued at USD 756 million, and its system and product iteration is a good example in the online education industry. 

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