Exclusive: DaDa Completed Series D Financing, Confirmed by Its CEO ZHI Hui
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DaDa CEO ZHI Hui. PHOTO: Credit to DaDa

Jan 16, 2019 /EqualOcean/ - DaDa (哒哒英语) secured USD 255 million Series D financing, confirmed by its CEO ZHI Hui at 9:35 a.m this morning. 

DaDa is a key brand under Shanghai Zhuo Zan Education Technology Co., Ltd.(上海卓赞教育科技), one of the earliest starters in 1-on-1 online education platform focusing on English learning for young children aged 4-16. With the aid of advanced artificial intelligence technology and big data, DaDa aims at high-level performance and efficiency in online education. The immersive, interactive and live internet classroom allows teachers to help kids with English learning in real life scenarios, through a smooth network connection, children could communicate confidently with English teachers all around the world while enjoying the ease of staying at home, making English truly a competitive edge for Non-English speaking children.

DaDa students now spread from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, France, Germany, and other non-native English-speaking countries and regions. DaDa carefully selected foreign teachers with standard accents and matches the most suitable teachers for children according to their personalities. The teaching team includes tens of thousands of people so that each child could find his or her very own foreign teacher. DaDa understands children and how to educate them better. 

After its establishment in April 2013, DaDa completed 6 rounds of financing, almost one round every year.  Please find the chart of its financing history below:

DaDa's Financing

Apart from the 1-on-1 online education platform, DaDa also has a few other features which win broad recognition from parents and children: For example, introducing international edition textbooks Wonders, Oxford Reading Tree, and Primary Longman Elect and allow children multiple options in reading materials ranging from a series of difficulty levels. It also cooperated with several educational publishers recognized worldwide, such as Pearson, Mc Graw Hill Education, and Oxford University Press the like. These renowned education giants could add more density and reliability to the brand image.

Nonetheless, Children English Education Organizations are spawning all over the place in China. Many parents are getting headache when choosing the perfect fit for their tot. One of the most important aspects parents should keep an eye on is whether the organization is separating the learning period into enough number of segments. DaDa segmented Pre-A1 to B2+ (According to CEFF) stage into altogether 21 segments, which enables children to match their ability levels and progress during the English learning journey more accurately.

Also, the seamless matching their customers are experiencing, in fact, thanks to the high intelligence platform, the algorithm behind it analyses information of the teachers and students prior to pairing them. The course content is also orchestrated by the algorithm automatically, even class rearrangement is carried out relying on the algorithm.

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