Xiaohonghshu Launches 'Hey'
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Xiaohonghshu Launches 'Hey'. PHOTO: Credit to  Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Mar 17, 2019 /EqualOcean/ - Xiaohongshu (小红书), the most popular online review sharing platform in China, just launched 'Hey'.

Hey is a new location-based function which allows users to share real-time moments in a photo or 3-second short video formats.

Looking at the function design, Hey looks similar to Snapchat, a popular messaging app among teenagers in North America. While the function itself, it narrows down the focuses to the following aspects such as studying, exercising, emotion, breakfast, portraying your selfie, shopping, weight losing, or simply what is happening at the moment. 

In terms of short-video, if compared to Tiktok, the most popular short video app in China. It can be easily concluded that Tiktok could last much longer (max 15s). The content is more humorous.

With this new function, users can share live-moments in more specific scenarios. For example, a student can take a picture showing he/she begins to study certain subjects and how many days that the user has been doing this.

From the user perspective, doing so could help them record daily life moments and find other users who are probably undergoing the same thing and perhaps be friends with them.

From the app perspective, encouraging users to share either live moments or behaviors requiring consistency (eg. study) could add more realities into the app; therefore, boosting participation from ordinary users in terms of more content being generated or app uses frequencies increased. In addition,  visuals (photo or videos) communicate in a more efficient and engaging way than loads of words on a social media platform.

The posts on Hey will last no longer than 3 days.

It is not surprising to see the coming of this new function. As Xiaohongshu's slogan: 'Mark my life. World's best lifestyle at your fingertip'. 

Currently, the new function is only available on iOS. More functions  will be coming soon.


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