XAG Drones are Recognized By Chinese Officials
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XAG's Plant Protection Drone is Working. Photo: Credit to XAG

On March 21, 2019, WANG Dongfeng (王东峰), the secretary of the provincial party committee of Hebei Province, along with WANG Guofa (王国发), the director of provincial agriculture office, went to Baoding city to investigate and research the agricultural situation. These officials went to the cultivated land to better understand the growing condition of the wheat when they met ZHANG Lilong (张立龙), the manager of Laishui City’s Wheat Promotion Co-op. ZHANG planted 500 mu wheat in Laishui city, and when the officials visited, ZHANG was using the XAG plant protection drone to control the weeds in the land. The wheat plated by him grows healthily and strongly.

There are limited days that is suitable for plant protection. Due to the changeable weather conditions in spring, it is quite important for farmers to make use of the time point and use the high-efficiency and precise technology to control the weeds. ZHANG bought the XAG plant protection drone in last year, and it promoted the plant-protection efficiency greatly. ZHANG introduced the situation of Lishui's agriculture after the introduction of the drones. The drones promoted many aspects of agriculture including plant protection, irrigation, and the increase in the local rate of employment. Currently, ZHANG’s co-pe has hired 11 houses of farmers, and he aimed to enlarge the co-po’s scale in 2019.

The secretary of the provincial party committee of Hebei Province and the director of provincial agriculture office, as well as the secretary of county party committee of Laishui, gave positive reviews of XAG plant protection drones. The P series of XAG drones could decrease 30% consumption of pesticides and 90% water sources while keeping the quality of plat protection. In this way, the drones could guarantee the quality of wheat in an environment-friendly way. In addition, it’s easy to operate and handle the XAG drones, even the female users could finish the plant protection perfectly.

It is XAG’s mission to bring technology to the rural area, especially the countryside. XAG was founded in 2007, as drone manufacturer, XAG wants to let the farmers enjoy the benefits from smart agriculture and increase their income. Currently, the main productions of XAG include the P series drones, C200 smart drawing drones, and many control systems as well as the IoT solutions for agriculture. By the end of 2018, XAG published its latest P20/P30 model which could do plant protection services for 210 mu cultivated land within one hour. However, due to its battery capacity, the XAG’s drones can only last 11minutes in the air, which limits its operating endurance.

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