XAG Drones Are Used to Protect Rapes
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The Rapeseed Flowers in Anhui Province. Photo: Credit to XAG

Spring is the season when rapeseed flowers blooming. The golden flowers decorate the land with a beautiful carpet and attract lots of tourists from all over the country. On Mar 24 – Mar 26, 2019, the National Technical System of Rapeseed Industry and Professional Committee on Oil Crops of China Crop Academy held a meeting in Huangshan, Anhui province to discuss the plant protection technology of rapes. More than 200 plant protection experts and people from research institutes joined the meeting, and XAG, and its Anhui partners were invited as well. On the conference, XAG shows its P series plant protection drones and taught how could the drones help with the rapeseed pest control.

According to the experts, the rape is very easy to be hurt by plant diseases and insect pests during its growth, for example, Sclerotinia, downy mildew and aphids. With the increasing temperature in spring, more and more pests begin to move and harm the rapes. However, the traditional plant protection method such as artificial or mechanical control has a low efficiency and a bad effect and may lead to the fall off of rapeseed flowers. With traditional plant protection method, the production of rapes would decrease by 3%. In addition, since the cost of protection is quite expensive, in some area people even give up the plant protection and plant diseases and insect pests will do damage freely.

In terms of these problems, lots of experts agreed with the idea that preventive measures are the most important and comprehensive measures should be taken to protect the rapes. Physical control and biological control should be used to protect the plants and high technologies and equipment such as drones and seed breeding technology should also be applied to rape protection. It is important to reduce the use of pesticides and the cost of plant protection while increasing efficiency.

After the meeting, XAG, with its partner in Anhui, the Nanling Agricultural Service Company, showed how P series drones help with the plant protection. 4 of P30 drones flied across the rapeseed flowers while produced great wind with downward pressure. The liquid sprayed by drones quickly penetrated the leaves of rape plants, which is efficient and convenient.

The officials and experts showed great interest in P30 drones, and they actively asked the operators of the drones about the features of this new agricultural technology. According to the operator of the drones, there are 3 advantages of the P series plant protection drones. Firstly, it will not hurt the rapes and lead to a decrease in production since it sprays the liquid in the air. Secondly, the drones could save 30% of pesticides and 90% of water resources, which is environment friendly. Thirdly, the latest generation of P 30 plant protection drone has an efficiency of 210 mu per hour, which equals to around 100 people. During the time when the diseases and insect pests outbreak in a large scale, the drones could finish the spray duty in a short time.

With the XAG P series plant protection drones and other advanced technologies, the growth of rapes could be healthier than before, and the yellow carpet could be more enjoyable.

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