Aibee Unveils New AI Solutions for Offline Retail on 2019 AI Cloud Summit
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Shopping mall with busy traffic. Photo: Anna Dziubinska on Unsplash

On March 29th, 2019, Aibee (爱笔科技) unveiled two AI solutions AI-Bee Traffic and AI-Bee Mall designed for offline retail on 2019 AI Cloud Summit, Hangzhou.

Previously introduced by EqualOcean, Aibee is an AI solution provider with a dream founding team. On 2019 AI Cloud Summit, Aibee’s founder LIN Yuanqing (林元庆) introduced the newly-development solutions for offline retail. The AI-Bee Traffic as its name suggested is a solution regarding traffic-related problems.

Integrated with computer vision and deep learning technology, AI-Bee Traffic can discriminate store staffs and customers, which is not recognizable for nowadays’ traffic flow facilities. The function to separate store staffs from customers assists the store to calculate the real customer flow and reflect the real situation of the store’s running. Besides the discrimination, the solution is able to avoid recounting wandering customers into real traffic.

AI-Bee Traffic is a comprehensive solution to monitor and analyze retail store’s operation situation from the perspective of customer traffic. Besides providing accurate customer traffic count, it has multi-dimensional information about the traffic like the length of customer’s stay and customers passing by the store, which is a better indicator than solely the traffic count and helps to reveal the actual performance of the store.

Macalline (美凯龙), one of the leading investors in Aibee’s series A financing, has installed the AI-Bee Traffic solution. The CTO ZHONG Hao (钟浩) of Macalline addressed, “The integrated AI solution provided by Aibee helps offline retail companies to build an accurate, multi-dimensional, and detailed customer image like the online business.”

Additionally, AI-Bee Traffic can reduce the number of cameras used in monitoring traffic based on its computer vision and deep learning technologies. The costs are reduced, and the efficiency is improved accordingly.

The AI-Bee Mall is an integrated solution for offline retail management covering multiple scenarios. Customer flows, parking, goods, and space (mall space) are included in the solution. The solution provides analyzed information based on scenarios to support mall management and help managers to make decisions.

On accounting to team’s background, it is well-believed by the investors that Aibee has strong R&D ability. The products released on the Summit have proved Aibee’s strength in AI under the leadership of its CEO LIN Yuanqing. However, the past experience of LIN Yuanqing was highlighted with his expertise and tech team management. For marketing and sales, the core function of a business, CEO Lin Yuanqing still has a long way to go.

Backed by Macalline, the largest Chinese home furnishing, and furniture retail chain, and Sequoia China, the top-tier venture capital in China, Aibee’s future is still considerably promising because it has a training field (Macalline malls) to perfect its AI solution and has the most experienced investors help it to grow.

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