Going above The Cloud, Having A Opener Vision - Huawei's Conference of Security
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Huawei Cloud. Photo: Credit to Huawei

On Mar 29, 2019, Huawei held its conference of smart security equipment on Jinan, the capital of Shandong province. The theme of the conference, “going above the cloud and seeing more”, indicates that the smart security industry would have a close connection with cloud service. More than 300 Huawei’s customers and industry experts attended the conference and talked about security industries. The Huawei’s “Five Star AI Smart Camera”, become increasingly popular with the development of cloud computing technology and artificial intelligence.

With the developing of science and technology, more and more people and industries pay attention to public safety, and new technologies are reshaping the security industry. LI Chaojun (李朝军), the president of the Department of Huawei Shandong Enterprise Cooperation, gave a speech on the conference and said that “Smart security is becoming an increasingly important part of the company’s strategy, and Huawei would keep using its best technology and conception to promote the intellectualization of the security industry.” Not only the citizens but also the developers could find the power of AI, which changes the security industry a lot. With the clear photo taking a function, face recognition technology, AI reshaped the security industry and made it smarter and safer.

 In the last March, Huawei published its video cloud + software defined camera. Currently, Huawei has published a series of the smart camera including Xingxiang (星像), Xingchi (星驰), Xingchen (星辰), Xingdun (星盾) and Xingtu (星图). We could find that Huawei paied a lot of attention to the security industry, according to the pace of the publication of its related productions. 

YANG Zhonghai (杨中海), the vice chairman of Jinan’s Social Public Safety Association, gave a speech on the conference. According to YANG, in the future, China will build the ecology circle of the security industry, which generates a stricter requirement of security technology and productions. With the nation’s better policies which promote the security industry, the government also published a series of regulations to better the development of the healthily growing of the industry. No matter individuals or enterprises should join this process and make contributions to the security industry.

On the conference, Huawei’s “Five Star” series camera was welcomed by people. The Five Star cameras are equipped with the strongest AI chip which could provide customized function and offer intelligent service to users, which could be widely applicated to circumstances including cars, electronic police, and professional portrait.

The security industry is one that the hardware is most important, while the intelligence is beginning to show its strength. The enterprises can succeed only with open-minded spirit. In this way, Huawei built an open ecology system and welcome the users to make the solution they need by themselves. With Huawei’s excellent technology and the creativity of users, the security industry could develop further in the future.

According to WU Kun (吴坤), the CTO of Huawei’s smart security solution department, the building of the ecologic system is one of the important parts of Huawei’s strategy. In the future, Huawei wishes to cooperate with more and more partners from the security industry to build a safe city and serve more users together.


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