Guazi Teams Up with Taobao to Provide Used Car Platform in The “New Retail” Area
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News of Guazi. PHOTO: Credit to Guazi

Online used-car dealer, a subsidiary of Chehaoduo Group, announced on Thursday that they're teaming with Taobao's used-car platform in the "New Retail" area. The services will include consumption services and used car auction and used car circulation. The cooperation will build a "New Retail" platform for used-cars in China on March 28, 2019.

Currently, Guazi and Taobao are operating through Alibaba's auction platform “ (阿里拍卖)”, and will jointly launch stores on Taobao, soon. Both parties establish an entrance to used-car -New Retail- in this way, as well as promoting and upgrading the circulation within the automobile industry.

Alibaba Auction is an online auction trademark registered by Alibaba Group. It provides an online market for both buyers and sellers of goods and services. It is also the largest online asset disposal platform in the world.

Guazi and Taobao will offer consumers with one-stop car consumption service covering transaction, ownership transfer, financial service, insurance and maintenance. Both Guazi and Taobao are based on the customer-to-customer (C2C) and "New Retail" business model, which enables the two parties to cooperate more effectively. They will jointly develop the "New Retail" mode for used-car cross-regional circulation and bring innovations to this new business model.

"As an open and diversified platform, we are willing to establish close partnership with excellent companies in the 'New Retail' automobile industry to offer consumers high-quality car service, explore new business model of used-car circulation across regions, develop the incremental market, and provide consumers with one-stop car service combining online and offline." stated Zhan Hu, operation director of Taobao's used-car platform.

The cancellation of the domestic used-car relocation restriction policy has unleashed the demand for used car purchases across regions. In future, Guazi's used cars across the nation will be presented through Taobao's used-car platform, which enables consumers to purchase cars that can be relocated to their regions.

The company announced that "National Purchase" business sticks to its direct selling mode without intermediaries and price differences. The cars that will be sold on the platform undergo 259 professional inspections and thorough preparation, and buyers will enjoy after-sale warranty within two years of purchase or 40,000 kilometres. Consumers can also return the cars within 30 days of purchase under contracted conditions. Actually, with the reduction of new car prices, the dividends of the second-hand car market have gradually disappeared, and the second-hand car trading platform can no longer survive without enjoying the price difference.

Guazi commenced its operations in 2014 in Beijing as a startup and went public in 2016. As of July 2017, its network covered 200 cities in China, across 30 provinces. However, the company has created a consumer trust crisis because of data fraud, inconsistent propaganda, hard to withdraw deposit and other incidents.

Previously, due to the influx of a large number of troubled vehicles into the market transactions, Guazi's "National Purchase" project has broken the reputation and increased after-sales costs. Although the cooperation with Taobao second-hand car has expanded its influence, Guazi will likely to face certain difficulties if it wants to strengthen users' cognition and further influence trading options.

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