ITM Cooperates with United Imaging to Explore The Global Market
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The facilities of United Imaging. Photo: Credit to United Imaging

On April 2, 2019, Isotopen Technologien München AG (ITM) and United Imaging published an announcement that they signed a strategic cooperation agreement. In the future, ITM and United Imaging will cooperate with each other in marketing, sales, imaging, and related productions, in order to bring innovation productions and high-quality services to customers in China and global market.

ITM is a Germany enterprise which is made up of a series of professional radioactive drug Companies. IMT is specialized in the development and production of brand-new radioisotopes, radiopharmaceuticals, and equipment.

United Imaging is a medical technology enterprise which focuses on providing high-performance medical images, radiotherapy products, and medical Informatization and Intelligence solutions to global customers.

Founded in March 2011, United Imaging aims to be the world-class leader of medical innovation. United Imaging offers high-end medical imaging diagnostic products including molecular imaging (MI), magnetic resonance (MR), CT and X-Ray productions. In addition, United Imaging also provides precise radiotherapy products developed by itself, and the comprehensive radiotherapy solutions led by high-defined images. United Imaging also offers Internet + medical solutions. Combining with the Internet, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and big data analysis, United Imaging aims to achieve the cloud sharing of good medical resources, massive in-depth applications of diagnostic and treatment-level data and provide medical information and intelligent solutions.

The production lines of the two companies could achieve complementation, and they all have abundant experiences in accurate imaging of tumors and the joint target market. According to the agreement, IMT would provide the medicine schemes that matched with the PEC-CT facilities which from United Imaging Chinese market. In addition, both two companies will work together to explore the global market, including offering the on-site support team, guaranteeing the supply of productions, providing related training to customers. Besides, both two companies would cooperate with each other on the innovation and bettering of the precise diagnosis imaging, which includes radiopharmaceuticals, image processing, digital imaging, patient workflow, patient management, and support, etc.

According to Steffen Schuster, the CEO of ITM, they were excited to achieve strategic cooperation with United Imaging. Schuster said that “United Imaging has serval years experiences in diagnosing and radiotherapy, which makes it a qualified partner of ITM. When bringing the ITM’s business to China, the energetic and meaningful market, United Imaging would definitely help ITM to promote the supply of precise cancer radio-diagnostic imaging products.

ZHANG Qiang (张强), the president of United Imaging, said that “The advantages of two companies help with each other. United Imaging has developed a lot of world-leading facilities in the imaging field, especially in molecular imaging, and have a lot of partners all over the world. In addition, ITM has settled more than 250 stations in 46 countries. This cooperation could combine our advantages and help the two companies work together to explore the global cancer imaging market and serve more people in the world.” With the cooperation, ITM could enlarge its business into China market, while United Imaging can also improve its global influence with the ITM's productions. The cooperation is definitely a win-win example. 


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