Codemao Launches "AI Double Teacher Classroom" for 100 Schools across China

Author: Qasim Khan Apr 06, 2019 01:55 PM (GMT+8)

In 2019, Codemao plans to popularize the artificial intelligence classroom in primary and secondary schools nationwide.

Coding their way through the future. PHOTO: Codemao official website

In 2019, Codemao plans to popularize the artificial intelligence classroom in primary and secondary schools nationwide, and carry out the national "AI double teacher classroom" training program.

Recently, Chinas online Coding education company, Codemao, officially launched its latest teaching service, “AI double teacher class” project for primary and secondary schools. It is understood that the "AI Double Teacher Class" is a professional AI programming teaching classroom service using the teaching mode of "AI engine online teacher teaching + 1 offline teacher. Codemao’s “AI Double Teacher Class” project will take the lead by operating in 100 schools on demonstration bases nationwide, and Codemao will provide online classroom experience services for the teacher base school public welfare.

It is reported that the Codemao team will comprehensively consider the students' grades, programming acceptance ability and other factors, set up a reasonable experience course, assist teachers to complete the programming classroom teaching, aiming to liberate both hands and comprehensively take into account the classroom students' learning situation, achieving the actual effect of "1+1>2".

With the introduction of the "New Generation of Artificial Intelligence Planning", "2019 Education Information and Network Security Work Points" and other documents, the popularization of programming education is in full swing throughout the country.

Zhejiang Province, Nanjing and Tianjin will include programming in the entrance examination program. Some domestic first-tier cities have begun to introduce programming courses into campus information technology education or community courses. In the past two years, under the influence of the "4:30" classroom activity all over the country, programming has also appeared in more and more "4:30" classes, which expand the quality-oriented education of children.

At present, the overall education and teaching work of the program is mainly faced with problems such as insufficient teachers and lack of systematic teaching content.

Codemao applies AI technology to the teaching process in order to reduce teachers' workload by applying systematic and standard courses developed by the Teaching and Research Team to the "Double Division Classroom" and by applying AI technology to the teaching process. Codemao currently has 800 members of teaching and research team and 400 faculty members. The Harvard University Ph.D. advisory group supports programming teaching and provides teaching and research support for the programming education.

According to the survey, teachers are still troubled by the difficulty of teaching in large classes and the inefficient correction of homework when teaching programming courses. With the aid of AI and online teachers, the instructors can solve the problem of teaching a large class. Through intelligent correction technology, students' programming works can be corrected in real time in the classroom. The results of the correction can be specific to the parameter level, and the results of intelligent feedback correction will help teachers and students improve teaching efficiency. At present, programming cats have settled in more than 7,700 public institutions.

Coding education has been embraced by the country since 2015 with billions of dollars rushing into the market. Comparing to other industries with the capital winter shadowing above, education is one of a few industries that could excite investors. K12 education attracted CNY 6.33 billion (USD 931 million) investment in 2018 at a CAGR 50.12% from 2016 to 2018.

Founded by Tianchi Li in 2015, Codemao has raised a total of USD 65 million in its 2 round of financing, according to Crunchbase. The latest round coming in May 2018 of USD 47 million led by giant investors such as, CMB International Capital Corporation, Shanshui Venture Capital and The Beijing News.

In addition, the Codemao also announced the "AI double division classroom laboratory" training program. In 2019, Codemao plans to popularize the National AI Double Division Classroom Laboratory in primary and secondary schools across the country, and launch the National AI Double Division Classroom Laboratory Training Program. The "Plan" is open to all primary and secondary schools in the country, as long as they meet the basic hardware and network requirements of the dual-teacher classroom, Codemao will begin to support schools to build "labs" that rely on the school's existing network environment to conduct real-life classroom experiences, allowing teachers and students to experience a new programming classroom model with the help of artificial intelligence.

With that being said it seems as if that the programing education has a huge potential in China. Soon programing will be the most important language to learn for students of all ages. With the pace of growing technology right now learning how to program is as important as learning English. 

Zhang Lijun, an education investor and executive director of Sinovation Ventures, said training the mind and teaching logic through coding is important. The investment firm, which is backed by world renowned AI expert Kai-Fu Lee, has invested in a string of startups in STEM education (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

"With the coming of the AI era, coding training will play a critical role in nurturing talents to meet the demand," she said.