City-Level Smart Surveillance Company, Terminus, Addresses China's Aging Population
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Terminus welcoming the new round of financing. Photo: Credit to Terminus Press Kit

In September 2017, a Chinese AIoT (Artificial Intelligence + IoT application) company transformed a quiet and idle neighbourhood of Beijing into an intelligent community backed by Artificial Intelligence powered surveillance systems all around the block.

It took one week for the company, Terminus (特斯联), to gather and collect all the necessary data about residents within the community and implement a neighbourhood-level smart surveillance system to track every one of the residents’ movements, activities and potential health-related problems within the community.

“The surveillance system does not rely on physical personnel to track and control the camera system. But instead, since the system recognises every one of the residents' faces, it gives a notice to the community officer if some of the residents had some problems, such as falling down or not going out of his/her house for more than 24 hours. These notices are delivered to the officer by stating the address, name and health conditions of the resident” Xie Chao (谢超) the VP of Terminus stated.

Terminus’s business model is 2B and 2G (to Government); Chinese Government and several companies are using its population and individual tracking systems for numerous application scenarios. The company have tried 2C revenue generation models as well; such as selling smart lock systems and various face recognition supported security systems for households. However, there is a considerable competition within 2C market and Terminus could not manage to be one of the outstanding ones.

However, Terminus found the success in 2G and 2B models mainly focusing on the municipalities, massive real estate and smart city projects. Xie Zhao stated that Terminus’s orders have already exceeded CNY 1 billion.

Indeed; company, neighbourhood and municipality level solutions provided by Terminus are welcomed solutions in China. Based on data provided by Terminus website, the company is currently operating in 70 cities of China with 8,400 total projects.

Terminus possesses strong and tight relationships with local governments in China. Indeed, its population control, individual-based tracking, face and vehicle recognition solutions are highly implementable in various public security scenarios. However, what Terminus have done to transform the neighbourhood where seniors live in Beijing’s Haidian, tells us about the future implementations and scalability of the Company's solutions.

Terminus’s solutions saved a considerable number of personnel’ efforts who regularly control and inspect the general conditions of the seniors living in the neighbourhood. If the Chinese scale considered, the potential economic benefit that will be coming with smarter neighbourhoods is tremendous.

China will face a severe ageing population problem within the 21st century, and there will be a necessity of transforming the entire infrastructure accordingly. Any solution that is addressing the problem in a mass scale, will likely to be adopted by the government and the municipalities in the long term.

Market capacity and service scalability of Terminus is significantly appropriate for further implementations and sizeable operational capacity increase.

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