DAI Jisheng Gives Analysis about Huawei's 5G Core Network
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Huawei Cloud. Photo: Credit to Huawei

On Apr 17, 2019, DAI Jisheng (戴继盛), the president of the Department of strategy and business development of Huawei Cloud, gave a speech in Huawei Global Analyst Summit, and he gave an in-depth analysis of Huawei’s 5G core network strategy. DAI said that Huawei will build a 5G core network with the help of its native cloud, connection technology, and edge computing. The 5G network made by Huawei will be simpler and more reliable and could provide differentiated services.

The native cloud is the foundation to build the 5G network. Huawei built the clouded core network based on the native cloud structure for the first time, and its core network ranks 1st position in many aspects of the industry. So far, Huawei’s 5G core network has gained 580 clouded commercial contracts globally.  In 2016, Huawei took the lead in publishing the EPC (Engineer, Procure, Construct) based on the native cloud structure. In 2019, Huawei published the 5G SA core network based on tiny-service structure, which is the earliest company in the world.

Huawei is also the first company that supports the deep combination of 2G/3G/4G/5G NSA/5G SA network. The existing core network can be updated into 5G SA fluently, for 4G users, they do not need to change the phone number while changing into 5G. With its unique algorithm and the super flexible native cloud structure, Huawei’s 5G core network could easily deal with the huge data in 5G time.

In 5G time, the data traffic will be more than 10 times than that of 4G, and over 80% of the management of data should be done on the edge. Huawei’s 5G core network uses a distributed structure, and the resources are allocated as needed, which guarantees that strong edge computing ability and fast integration of the third-party applications. So far, Huawei has signed 40 5G contracts all over the world and kept winning the prize of 5G and cloud in the MWC. Huawei will keep promoting the cooperation and innovation with telecom carriers and industrial partners to better the development and commercialization of 5G.

According to HU Houkun (胡厚崑), the vice chairman of Huawei, the ICT industry is developing into a new point, and the developing speed of 5G technology is far beyond expectation. Huawei estimated that by 2025, there will be 2.8 billion 5G users in the world. With Huawei’s 5G core network, Huawei would keep making values for its customers. HU Houkun said that Huawei’s innovation is an investment not only for now but also for the future. Huawei would not only pursue the success in commerce but also lead the development of industry and promote the updating of the society. In the future, Huawei would provide full-scenario smart experience for users. With the development of 5G and cloud computing technology, more and more enterprises and governments would go to the cloud, and the competition in cloud terminal is the competition for the AI technology. HU said that Huawei has the confidence to win more market share in the future, with Huawei’s continuous investment in AI technology.



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