XPeng Motors Attends Establishment Ceremony of 'School of Vehicle' in Tsinghua University
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Picture of Xiaheng. PHOTO: Credit to XPeng Motors

According to XPeng Motors, On April 27, the establishment ceremony of the "School of Vehicle and Mobility" (School of Vehicle) was held in Tsinghua University. At the ceremony, XPeng Motors came with Its G3 Model. Xiaheng, Co-founder and President of XPeng Motors, attended the inauguration ceremony as an automobile graduate from Tsinghua University.

'The automobile department of Tsinghua University, as the cradle of Chinese automobile talents, has witnessed the development of China's automobile industry. Today, the establishment of vehicle college indicates that the automobile industry will start again in the future under the environment of intelligent travel. We expect more junior students to study hard and contribute to the development of China's intelligent automobile industry." Xia said.

Xiaheng, who graduated from the automotive engineering department of Tsinghua University, Co-founded XPeng Motors with Hetao in mid-2014. They were the development heads of GAC's new energy control system and GAC's intelligent vehicles and driverless vehicles respectively before they starting the XPeng Motors.

In March 2018, Dr GU Hongdi, Chairman of JP Morgan's Asia-pacific investment bank, joined XPeng Motors and formed the core management team of the company with HE Xiaopeng and Xiaheng. XPeng Motors' unique DNA is shaped by a diverse management team from the Internet, car manufacturing and strategic finance.

XPeng Motors has received support from top Chinese and international investors such as Alibaba group, IDG capital, Morningside capital, GGV capital and Primavera capital. The company is headquartered in Guangzhou and has r&d, production and marketing organizations in Beijing, Shanghai, Zhaoqing, Zhengzhou, Silicon Valley and San Diego. At present, nearly 60% of XPeng Motors' more than 3,500 employees are involved in research and development.

About Tsinghua University's "School of Vehicle and Mobility" :

At present, the automobile is no longer a single engineering application combination in the field of machinery and transportation, but a multi-disciplinary knowledge integration and multi-field collaborative planning. In this context, the department of automobile of Tsinghua university took the opportunity to establish the "School of Vehicles".

Tsinghua University is the first university in China to carry out vehicle engineering talent training and scientific research, with a history of 87 years. The Department of Automotive Engineering of Tsinghua University was founded in 1980, with four research institutes, covering the disciplines of new energy vehicles, new power, internal combustion power, transportation energy, automobile design, automobile dynamics, automobile safety, industrial strategy, intelligent vehicles, vehicle-road coordination, intelligent signals, intelligent travel, special vehicles, special dynamic, new equipment and so on.

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