CloudWalk Cooperates with Dongfeng Nissan to Upgrade 4S Auto Shops with AI
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On April 25, CloudWalk (云从科技) signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Dongfeng Nissan Data Service Co. Ltd. (东风日产数据服务有限公司), assisting to upgrade Donfeng Nissan’s 4S auto shops leveraged by artificial intelligence.

As per the agreement, CloudWalk will launch an consumer certification system to collect, analyze consumers’ data and provide decision support. When a consumer enters one 4S auto shop, this system will identify him by face recognition tech and extract his personal information and consuming records. Combining with personas, the system will give advice to salesman about consumer’s preference and purchase power, as well as the personalized service, which can promote the conversion rate of sales clues.

CloudWalk will also provide a monitoring system to calculate flow and record consumers’ moving tracks by smart cameras, which can be used to analyze consumers’ behavior and realize precision marketing. Apart from consumers, this system can also monitor staff’s behavior to protect consumers' right.

Besides, CloudWalk will provide a smart office system to improve office efficiency. This system can check on work attendance and after-sale service personnel’s identification by face recognition tech, which can improve office efficiency and control process effectively.

Although this cooperation, Dofeng Nissan aims to upgrade all its 4S auto shops by the end of 2019. As known to us, the Chinses auto market enters winter from 2017. The passenger vehicle sales are 24.29 million in 2016, while 22.09 million in 2017 and 23.71 million in 2018, according to China Association of Automobile Manufactures. The automakers and dealers are facing the sluggish market and meager profit. Base on this background, Dongfeng Nissan makes this strategic investment to use AI tech to promote its business. It’s a wise choice.

Dongfeng Nissan is not CloudWalk’s first retail client. On April 3, CloudWalk signed the cooperation agreement with Gome (国美). Apart from the similar services with Dongfeng Nissan, CloudWalk will provide the AI solution for supply chain management, which is to be used in Gome’s unmanned store in the future.

CloudWalk has launched a set of AI solution for retail industry, and it has cooperated with many other retail clients this year. It will release their retail programs and clients in this June, according to FU Xiaolong (傅小龙), the spokesman of CloudWalk.

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