Terminus Launches Zhihui X9 Server, An Advanced Edge Computing Product
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Terminus products exhibition room. Photo: Credit to Terminus.

On April 28, Terminus (特斯联) launched a new product namely Zhihui X9 server developed by its R&D team. With AI computing, edge computing and storage functions, Zhihui X9 is mainly to be used in the scenario that users need to process the face detection and recognition results, and save data locally.

As an edge computing type of server, Zhihui X9 can reduce data transmission load between front-end devices and cloud, as well as the processing load of cloud, by corresponding the most instructions in near source, including data access, cleaning, classification, storage and analysis.

In terms of configuration, Zhihui X9 adopts VPU embedded AI chip to support the algorithm of object recognition, classification and analysis for people, cars and other objects. It has 16-channel 1080P HEVC transcoding capability, and up to 500 thousand GB storage space, which is available for expansion.

Terminus developed edge computing products very early compared with peers, and it has a complete edge computing solution, including Zhihui X9, Zhihui X1 (AI computing module), Zhihui X3 (edge computing gateway), Zhihui S9 (storage gateway), etc,. Coordinating with these products, Zhihui X9 can have standout perform in data processing.

Zhihui X9 has many functions:

Facial detection and capturing. Zhihui X9 supports multiple signals for facial detection and face tracking, as well as capturing.

The class of facial recognition application, including human-card identification, entrance control, white & black list management and VIP list management.

Behavior analysis. Zhihui X9 can analyze flow of consumers by thermal map, structured process video, re-identify person and searching.

Data access with high speed and concurrency.

Compared with its peers, Terminus’s edge computing products have many advantages. Firstly, they put computing, connection and storage functions together in one solution, while other companies focus on developing edge computing products only. Secondly, They give users choice for flexible configuration. More importantly, they save more electricity than other similar products.

Apart from computing products, Terminus also develops many front-end devices, including FUTURE-X5-C (access control system with facial cognition), FUTURE PARKING (smart parking lock), X2 AI Camera, RAINBOW SERIES (smart unit door with intelligent speak interaction function), and so on.

It believes that AIoT (Artificial Intelligence + Internet of Things) is the trend consists of more IoT devises, eMBB (Enhanced Mobile Broadband), AI, cloud computing and edge computing. Terminus is upgrading its products to embrace the era of 5G, and it has launched a program to build the first smart community leveraged by various 5G applications in Zhiqiang North Community in Haidian District, Beijing (refer to the article: Terminus Launches the First Smart Community with 5G in China).

Terminus provides its products, solutions leveraged by AIoT ability to many industries and scenarios, including community, office building, university, industry park, police, etc,. With good expandability, Terminus has more possibilities in many other industries.

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