Tik Tok Ranks 1st in Indian's App Store
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Tik Tok. Photo: Credit to ByteDance

On May 6, 2019, Tik Tok ranked 1st place in terms of the free App’s download volume in Indian Google Play. According to India Times, which is the most popular English newspaper in India, Tik Tok offers an easier way for creators to show their lives, and it doesn’t require a lot of talents and skills. In this way, Tik Tok is easier to generate KOLs, and it’s a platform full of energy and enthusiasm.

According to the people from Tik Tok, currently, this software is equipped with 13 security guarantee measures including risk-reminding system, addiction-defensing system, and safety resources center. Since Jul 2018, Tik Tok India has deleted more than 6 million short videos that against its user agreements and community rules. It is reported that the Tik Tok India’s team is actively communicating with the Indian government, and it is confident to the Indian judicial system. In the future, Tik Tok will strengthen its content examining the process to better the short video resources on the platform. Currently, Tike Tok India has almost 500 employees and will keep enlarging in the future to provide more localized services to Indian users.

Tik Tok was launched globally in the 2017’s summer, and it attracted global users soon. Currently, Tik Tok has covered more than 150 countries and areas in the word and ranked 1st place in terms on the download volume in the Google Play and App Store in Japan, U.S., Thailand, Indonesia, India, Germany, France, and Russia. In the Apple’s “Best of 2018” list, Tik Tok ranked 1st in Japan’s annual hottest free app list. In Google Play’s 2018 annual election, Tik Tok won the award as the best app in Indonesia.

Going abroad is one of the most important strategies of ByteDance, the parental company of Tik Tok. At the end of Apr 2019, Tik Tok announced that it will launch a lot of cooperation projects in Vietnam. For example, Tik Tok will achieve the strategic cooperation with the Da Nang Tourism Promotion Center. In the future, the center will use the Tik Tok platform to promote the local tourist attractions. According to the people from the Da Nang Tourism Promotion Center, with the help of Tik Tok, the unique charm of Da Nang could be promoted and broadcasted to the world in an encouraging way. Meanwhile, Da Nang’s beautiful sceneries could also enrich the Tik Tok’s contents. Currently, Tik Tok has become one of the most popular Apps in Vietnam. After the publication of Tik Tok Vietnam, it ranked 1st in the lists of Google Play and App Store many times. In Jan 2019, during Vietnam’s new year, the Vietnam Tik Tok users published almost 170 thousand short videos with a total view of over 70 million.

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