SenseTime To Build the First AI School in Shanghai
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SenseTime is to build the first AI school in Shanghai. Photo: Credit to SenseTime.

On May 7, SenseTime (商汤科技) signed a cooperation agreement on artificial intelligence education with Shanghai Huangpu District Education Bureau, to jointly upgrade schools in Huangpu district to be AI advanced schools and promote education model and quality to meet the changeable demand of society and industry. Shanghai Luwan Senior High School is the first one, and given a second name SenseTime Experimental High School.

SenseTime mainly applies AI to promote school management, teaching and course evaluation. Specifically, SenseTime will build AI laboratory in this school, which is equipped with GPU servers and deep learning platform namely SenseParrots. Students can learn AI knowledge from their textbooks, as well as make some practice and experience on face recognition, gesture recognition, augmented reality and many other techs.

and design AI customized courses. To build a teacher team for AI courses, SenseTime will arrange some its AI experts to make trainings for school’s teachers regularly. In addition, it will set up scholarships to reward outstanding students in AI courses learning.

SenseTime continuously explores business opportunity in the field of education, and this is not SenseTime’s first cooperation with educational institution. In the March of this year, SenseTime signed another cooperation agreement with Engineering Faculty of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, to jointly promote AI education of Hong Kong. According to this agreement, they will focus on improving high school students’ interest in AI.

In April 2018, SenseTime launched the first AI textbooks for high school students in the world, which is designed by teachers and experts from SenseTime, The Commercial Press, East China Normal University Press, and other three educational institutions. The AI textbooks are used to AI elective course in 40 Chinese high schools from Shanghai, Beijing, Jiangsu, Liaoning, Kunming, Jiangxi, Shanxi and many other provinces. Besides, SenseTime also launched robot products for coding education.

SenseTime believe that any of a new industry with high-speed growth relies on talents of related techs, and education is the basic way to cultivate talents. As a Chinese AI leading start-up, SenseTime has recruited more than 150 AI doctors from famous universities all over the world, and is has the biggest AI R&D team in Asia.

By 2030, AI will promote global GDP growth by 14% with Contributing USD 15.7 trillion production value to the world economy, which equals to the sum of current GDP of China and India, according to PwC. AI education has been incorporated into development strategies in many countries. Currently, 24 countries have set up programming courses in basic education. American Government invests USD 4 billion to promote programming education, while South Korea promotes programming courses into most of its high schools in 2018, and   Japan plans to add programming courses to all its schools from 2020.

In China, the government has issued many policies to promote AI education from 2010. In the March of this year, Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China issued a policy to promote AI courses in primary schools, middle schools and high schools, and start to evaluate 20 thousand students’ basic ability of computer science.

AI education contains great business opportunity indeed. Based on AI tech, SenseTime provides AI education solutions and cooperates with government education departments in many Chinese provinces, which will probably contributes a lot to SenseTime’s business development in the next years.

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