Tuhu Officially Releases Its Service Standard Evaluation System
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The launching ceremony of " Automotive Aftermarket · First Anniversary of the Integrity Service Alliance " was held in Beijing on May 21. "Automotive Aftermarket Integrity Service Alliance" was established on May 11, 2018, jointly organized by Tuhu (途虎养车) and People's Daily Online, and 28 automobile aftermarket industrial chain enterprises participated in the project.

CHEN Min (陈敏), founder and CEO of Tuhu, introduced the work of integrity service alliance in the past year and announced the official launch of the industry's first "service standard open platform" at the press conference. It is reported that this platform is a standardized system platform for mainstream products and services in the automotive aftermarket.

Tuhu is an "Auto Maintenance E-commerce Platform" founded in Shanghai in 2011. The main services include tires, oil, vehicle maintenance, beauty and so on. Provide customers with online appointment + offline installation of car maintenance.

Tuhu has more than 13,000 cooperative installation stores covering 31 provinces and 405 cities. Users can enjoy 365 days *16 hours of pre-sales and after-sales service on the official website, APP, phone and WeChat platform of the company. Tuhu completed the E-round financing of USD 450 million led by Tencent, Carlyle Capital and Sequoia Capital in September 2018.

"In 2018, the alliance mainly focuses on the product side of the automotive aftermarket, with the goal of providing consumers with authentic products through brand alliance and solving the problem of consumers' trust in the automotive maintenance industry.

Ensuring the quality of the product is only the first step, the next step is a more important service. In order to elevate service standardization to a higher position, the alliance launched the industry's first open platform for service standards this year," CHEN said.

"Service standard open platform" includes a series of contents, such as technical service guarantee platform, manufacturer's product technical service cloud platform, and Tuhu workshop store service standard evaluation system. The platform endows the enterprises in the alliance with the capability of digital operation by means of data interworking and statistical analysis in three aspects, including goods tracking, consumption scenarios and owner information.

In addition, the number of alliance members has increased from 28 to 56 this year. These brands include Continenta, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Exxon Mobil, Castrol and so on.

Tuhu officially released its workshop store service standard evaluation system at the event. 

It is reported that other manufacturers in the integrity alliance will also upload their own product service standards, thus forming a strong product service standard system. The platform will become an important reference for consumers to check and accept the products and services of different brands.

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