Yunding Tech Launches New Smart Locks, Iron Man Shape May Attract the Most
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CHEN Bin, CEO of Yunding Tech. Photo: Credit to Yunding Tech.

Yunding Tech, one of China’s leading smart lock companies, held its New Product Release Conference on May 21. The company launched two new smart lock products and announced to establish a laboratory for the development of smart lock technologies.

Smart Lock P1 is one of new smart locks Yunding unveiled. By using this lock, people can lock a door by a gently push, instead of screwing the key for a few turns.

This lock adopts biometric technologies for authentication like fingerprint, skin and blood recognition. This lock also applies the IoT identification service from Alibaba Cloud.

Because of these new technologies, Smart Lock P1 may has better performance than other smart locks. And its price is CNY 3,699 (USD 535), which is much higher than other smart locks.

Yunding Tech also released a new series of smart locks called Classic 2, composed of Classic 2, Classic 2S and Classic 2S Pro. The new functions these three locks have including, among others, lock autonomically, alarm when the door unlocked, unlock by fingerprint recognition and other biometrics.

The Classic 2 is expected to be a hot product, because it has higher qualify and lower price. It costs CNY 1,000-2,000 (USD 144.62-289.24).

To attract more customers, Yunding Tech obtained the authorization of Marvel to develop a new smart lock product with Iron Man appearance.

In addition, the company established a new laboratory called AI·S4, which is to develop four types of technologies to upgrade the smart lock, including device physical safety, biometrics, big data and artificial intelligence.

According to Yunding Tech, AI·S4 will be a symbol for high standard and safety. People may incline to choose the smart lock products with AI·S4 symbol on it.

Founded in 2014, Yunding Tech has become a leading brand in the field of smart lock. The company has collaborated with Xiaomi, Alibaba Cloud, Goodix, Sillicon Lab, Future-Tech Corporation and many other components suppliers. It also has some other service providers such as, among others, PwC, Zhidao Chuangyu and Bangcle.

Loock, the core brand of Yunding Tech, has obtained certifications from several authoritative institutions like the First Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security of PRC, SAC/TC426, Alibaba Cloud, ICA, Zigbee and so on.

Yunding Tech has opened over 5,000 offline experience shops in more than 270 cities. The company has over 4,500 workers for installing, by which the products can be installed within one day after they are purchased in 70 cities.

ZHANG Dongsheng, founder of Yunding, said that there will be 10% home doors in China installed smart locks by the end of 2019, while 70% home doors in America, Japan and Europe countries has been installed smart locks. In the past one year, thousands of new players has emerged and the smart lock market is booming. It is expected that the total sales volume of smart lock will surpass 20 million.

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