Momenta Works with NXP to Develop Driver Monitoring System
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NXP Semiconductors has announced its partnership with Momenta to develop the automotive Driver Monitoring Solution (DMS). These solutions will form the basis for monitoring driver attention systems and play an important role in increasing road safety and helping carmakers cope with the new requirements of the upcoming NCAP (Euro New Car Assessment Program).

NXP is the world's largest automotive semiconductor supplier, Momenta is a pioneer in self-driving software solutions. The joint effort between NXP and Momenta aims to enable car makers to deploy DMS applications into mass automotive production.

Momenta was founded in September 2016 in Beijing and aims to build the 'Brains' for autonomous vehicles. Cao Xudong (曹旭东), the founder of Momenta is a former scientist at Microsoft Research and formerly executive director of research and development at Chinese face recognition start-up SenseTime

The company provides deep learning based environment awareness, high precision map, driving decision algorithm. Products include different levels of autonomous driving solutions, as well as spin-off big data services.

“DMS is essential to autonomous driving systems. NXP has decades of expertise in the functional safety systems required to tackle autonomous driving. Utilizing the hardware architecture of NXP S32V2 platform and the NXP AI enablement, our deep-learning software algorithms can be deployed quickly and run efficiently on a low-power-consumption and automotive grade chip. We look forward to working with NXP to provide the next generation of solutions enabling autonomous driving,” said Momenta CEO Cao Xudong.

The DMS is an important part of advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) and the basis of L3 and higher level automatic driving system. The system uses deep learning algorithms to visually monitor and detect driver inattention and provide pre-collision warnings.

Europe has adopted DMS as the main security function of NCAP and plans to include it in NCAP by 2020. In addition, DMS is forecast to be worth more than USD 1 billion by 2026.

The first solution between NXP and Momenta combines the high-performance energy-saving architecture of the NXP's Open Vision Platform (S32V2) with the deep learning software and expertise of Momenta to optimize, compress and accelerate deep neural networks for efficient performance on an automotive DMS embedded Platform.

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