DJI Provides the Finnish Defense Force 150 Drones
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DJI Mavic Pro Platinum

According to Helsingin Sanomat, the largest subscription newspaper in Finland on June 13, the Finnish Defense Force purchases approximately 150 commercial unmanned aerial vehicles from DJI for the local troops. The drones are Mavic Pro Platinum, portable drones with camera.  

Among 150 drones purchased, the first 30 is delivered immediately and the rest during 2019-2020. The deal costs approximately EUR 270,000 (USD 303,500). Based on computer vision and deep learning technology, these 700-gram drones can be easily controlled by finger gestures, capable of 30-minute flying. 

DJI is the largest commercial aircraft manufacturer worldwide, taking more than 70% of the commercial drone market share. The unmanned aircrafts have been massively employed in China's agricultural area to protect plants. Earlier this year, in the Notre Dame tragedy, DJI also provided drones to help firefighters to closely detect the roof condition. The drones in Finland will be monitoring the border by detecting whether a moving subject is a human being or an animal.

Last month, CNN reported, quoting the US Department of Homeland Security, that Chinese made drones used in the US contain potential data leaking risk that put the national security in danger by sending data to a level beyond the drone company itself. The warning followed the official ban from using Huawei's equipment, a move considered part of US-CHINA trade tension. 

DJI has responded that its technology security is repeatedly tested in the global market. Jani Kortesluoma, Chief of Flight Safety from the Finnish Army, comments to Helsingin Sanomat that the drones are used so that no security risk arises.

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