HongMeng Fades In as its Launch Approaches
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Ryan Ding, Huawei's Executive Director of the Board and President of Carrier Business Group, made the opening speech on ‘Shaping the Future Together’ Photo credit: Huawei Press Kit

As Huawei speeds up its Operating System's launch, more details revealed by the Chinese Media: the keywords for Huawei's OS is getting clear, that is 5G and IoT.

Huawei signaled and confirmed the preparations for the launch of its OS for the first time on March 10 by the CEO of Consumer BG, Richard Yu (余承东), to a German publication, Huawei-Manager-zu-Spionagevorwurf-Das-hat-politische-Gruende.html">Welt. After two months Richard Yu had released the news, he also revealed that the debut time of Huawei OS would be as early as 2019 Fall and 2020 Spring. 

Huawei named its operating system as HongMeng OS (鸿蒙),  which is a mystic name that is about Chinese traditional creation mythology and interpreted as several meanings related to nature and creation. Just like its name, the system itself is mysterious and sophisticated, at least it is marketed as so by the company. 

"HongMeng will not be just a typical OS but it will be more than that. It will work incompatible with all the smarts TVs, automobiles, smart houses, and wearable devices. It is a unified operating system and comes with most of the current features of Android OS and all the WEB applications." Richard Yu expressed.

Although it seems and smells like typical marketing, HongMeng OS has the potential to be a unique OS due to the ecosystem conditions. In 2017 China's gigantic IoT industry grew around 24% annually, hitting approximately CNY 1.15 trillion, according to EO Intelligence. 

It is speculated in the Chinese media that HongMeng OS will mainly be designed for the IoT home appliances compatibility and the autonomous driving solutions. (Find this article to read more on Huawei's efforts on the Auto industry)

Currently, Huawei's research lab is recruiting hundreds of high-end software engineers from various verticals for the development of varied applications including, among others, auto, IoT, deep learning, and AI. 

Hongmeng will presumably be an OS that will be tailored for the particular market conditions and the Chinese tech ecosystem where Huawei has to its implementation. 

According to all these signals so far, HongMeng will probably be a very flexible, hybrid and high-capacity system.

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