China Mobile Releases 5G Test Phone Plan
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China Mobile (中国移动) releases the unified 5G test phone plan on June 25, at the China Mobile 5G+ conference media communication meeting, according to The 5G phone plan containing 200GB data, 1000-minute domestic voice call, 100 SMS/month. Currently, it will be used by 5G friendly customers.

China is the fifth country to embrace 5G commercial use. As one of the first five 5G license issuees, China Mobile has been leading Chinese 5G development by investing CNY 17.2 billion on it.

Less than one week after being granted the basic telecommunications service operating permit on June 6, China Mobile ordered 10,100 handsets from Chinese domestic manufacturers, including 5,000 smartphones from Huawei; 2,000 each from Xiaomi and ZTE; 1,000 from Oppo; and 100 from Vivo. According to Caixing Global, China tends to be more aggresively promoting 5G development than the previous generations mainly because the major manufacturers in this industry are from China. 

There is a long way to go considering end-to-end 5G use. There are four major caveats in 5G commercialization, according to Chen Yurong, vice president of China Mobile (Shanghai) Industry Research Institute, that 1) it's only one year for 5G commercial deployment, while it takes four years for 4G,  2) there's a high expectation but standard, industry, and end user are yet to be mature, 3) the cost of 5G base station is about 3.5-4 times that of 4G, but the business model remains unclear, 4) there's a traffic surge but transfering form 4G to 5G takes time.

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