EO Healthcare Secures Angel Funding of CNY 10 Million
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EO Healthcare Partners. Photo credit to EO Healthcare

June 27, EO Healthcare, a subsidiary of EO Company, announced the completion of angel financing worth CNY 10 million (USD 1.5 million). Qiaojing Capital(乔景资本) acted as the lead investor and Zhenghe Huitong Investment Management (征和惠通) also pitched in with cash investment in this round.

EO Healthcare has established itself as one of the most influential tech and industrial innovation service platforms in China's healthcare space. Its operation spans, among others, media, business events, research, and consultation. The platform aims to serve healthcare companies and provide business solutions including marketing, industrial research, and other online services while also organizing professional and industrial events that focus on key parts of the healthcare supply chain.

EO Healthcare is the second EO Company subsidiary to acquire funding after EO Auto, which specializes in auto-related industrial analysis and reportsEO Company encourages subsidiaries to operate independently while staying true to the same value.  As subsidiaries grow, the parent company will yield more benefits to the core team members and offer attractive incentives for those with great contributions.

EO Company also announced key appointments following the latest fundraising activities. Gao Ang (高昂, right in the picture) was appointed president of EO Healthcare, while Guo Mingzi (郭铭梓, middle in the picture) was named its editor-in-chief and Liang Yongsheng (梁永生, left in the picture) was tasked as the unit’s head of operation.

Founder of EO Company and EqualOcean Huang Yuanpu (黄渊普) claimed that it is a strategic plan for EO company to encourage content departments to become independent and be financed on their own. In order to attract the best talents in the market, the company must adjust its strategy and provide enough incentives.

Furthermore, the Internet industry has a comparatively high entrance barrier and only the concentration of industrial verticals can bring qualitative returns to not only the company but also individuals in their respective developments. Independent subsidiaries are more organized and well-disciplined, which are key prerequisites for a company to become successful. EO Company is dedicated to incubating outstanding innovators and entrepreneurs, said Huang.

EO Vice President and EO Healthcare President Gao Ang noted,

the healthcare industry is in the early phase of transition. New technologies, policies, and thoughts/concepts will give rise to tremendous opportunities. EO Healthcare serves the healthcare business ecosystem and utilizes it own platform advantages to connect with different sources and explore opportunities around the world. At the same time, EO Healthcare will assist and even cooperate with the local government to build local industrial Internet ecosystem.

Founding Partner of Qiaojing Capital Zhu Haorong (朱浩荣) said,

China's healthcare industry is in the midst of a revolution., especial non-state-owned healthcare players. Innovative technologies are an agent of disruption that will reform the traditional industry. We invested in EO Healthcare on the account of its capability in integrating healthcare resources and pushing for adoption of innovative skills in traditional healthcare enterprises. EO Healthcare can efficiently involve non-state-owned parties in the industry and collaborate with each other to build the healthcare ecosystem.

Zhenghe Huitong Partner Zhang Zhilin (张志玲) said,

In a new economic cycle, tech-driven industrial upgrading injects momentum into the healthcare industry. The nature of healthcare as a weak-cyclical and counter-cyclical industry attract investors' attention. Along with preferred policies and tech drives such as Medical Reform, tech, and healthcare service, Chinese healthcare industry has ushered in the best of times. We bet on the future of the healthcare industry. EO Healthcare as a business service platform is keen on effecting changes and reporting news of the industry.

After the financing round, EO Healthcare launched the largest healthcare event ever, GIIS 4th Chinese Healthcare Industry Upgrade Summit. From July 25 to 27, entrepreneurs, leaders, innovators, and professionals in the healthcare industry will gather at Beijing Yanqi Lake Convention & Exhibition Center to discuss and share their thoughts.

*Contributor: Huang Yuanpu
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