New Xpeng G3 is Officially on the Market
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G3 2020. PHOTO Credit: Xpeng Motors

The new version of Xpeng G3 -2020 G3 was officially on sale, Xpeng Motors said in a statement on July 10. The new car is divided into two models, G3 520 and G3 400, with a total of six configuration models. The price range is CNY 143,800-196,800, users can book new cars through Xpeng's official website, APP, e-commerce and other channels.

The NEDC range is 520km

Compared to the original G3, the 2020 G3 battery system is newly upgraded, with the NEDC comprehensive range of the G3 520 and G3 400 reaching 520km and 401km respectively.

The G3 520 is the first to be equipped with CATL's new generation square ternal-lithium battery, with the battery energy density reaching 180 Wh/kg, mature technology, strong reliability and environmental adaptability, and long cycle life.

Install XPILOT 2.5 automatic pilot assistance system

New G3 equipped with the new XPILOT automated driving assistant system, new TJA congestion auxiliary function, together with the ICA intelligent cruise auxiliary realizes the city and high speed are available the full range of LCC road centre control, prevent caused by the driver inattention or uneven road vehicles running deviation from normal orbit, to a certain extent, improve the driving safety.

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