XinpleTek Gets Angel Round of Tens of Millions Yuan, Filling in a 5G RF Hole
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XinpleTek (芯朴科技), 5G Radio Frequency (RF) front end chip solution provider, completed angel round of financing. Its products are applicable in 5G telecommunication, NB-IoT, Wifi and NB market. 

Founded in November 2018, XinpleTek is located at Zhangjiang, Shanghai's Hi-Tech Park. The angel round of tens of millions yuan is invested by Northern Light Venture Capital and other strategic investors. After this round of financing, this young high-tech company will focus on the development of 5G smart terminal RF front-end chip modules, accelerate product development, mass production and customer project introduction.

Compared with 4G, 5G not only provides ultra-high data transmission service on the user's network experience but also redefines the “interactive function” between the network and the modem in the RF front-end to meet the IoT requirements. It requires RF component suppliers to upgrade the front-end modules to support the 5G standard.

Yang Lei (杨磊), managing director of Northern Light Venture Capital, said that 5G puts higher requirements on signal transmission. "The performance of RF directly determines the performance indicators such as communication mode, signal strength and call stability that mobile terminals support. It is a blank market in China."

Development in this sector is impeccable. According to QYR Electronics Research Center, the global RF front-end market is expected to reach USD 19 billion in 2019. This market is dominated by the US and Japanese manufacturers yet Chinese providers are at the very beginning stage. Currently, the domestic market is highly dependent on the imports of RF modules. 

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