Huawei Education Center to be Launched by the End of this Year
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According to Jingmeiti, the news was announced at the HDC 2019 Conference held by Huawei last Saturday at Huawei’s Songshan Lake Base in Dongguan. “Huawei Education Center” will be released by the end of 2019 and will be covering the entire K-12 sector.

Mr.Zhang (张平安) made several important announcements at the conference. He said that the Huawei Education Center covers the whole process of learning, including assessment, knowledge tree etc. He believes that the K-12 full range of content coverage should be done at all ages. The PPT presented at the conference showed that educational content providers such as Onion Mathematics (洋葱数学) and Liulishuo (流利说) are already content partners of Huawei. So for quality content providers, the all new “Huawei Education Center” will be a new channel.

In 2019 H1, Huawei reportedly sold 118 million smartphones, a year on year increase of 24% and making up 17.6% of the global smartphone market according to IDC. This surge isn’t just exclusive to handsets, and shipments of Huawei tablets, PCs, and wearable devices have also witnessed rapid growth, causing business to span across 170 countries and 530 million users. Huawei’s eco developers are 910,000. “At present, developers around the world can upload applications to 170 national application markets.” The current use of Huawei's application market is 370 million.  

Today, the Huawei HiAI open platform has more than 2500 partners and over 140 million IoT devices worldwide support HiLink protocols. Huawei has grown into an industry giant and has developed preliminary capabilities necessary to build a smart ecosystem.

In his speech, Mr Zhang revealed that the Huawei Education Center would be launched at the end of the year to provide quality education to all corners of the country.

Other than this at the conference Huawei's also unveils Huawei’s HarmonyOS. The self-developed operating system is sort of a back-up for the Android ban and for its IoT devices.

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