Sony Enters China's STEAM Education Sector
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Improving children's learning ability. Image Credit: Sony KOOV website

Sony targets China’s STEAM education sector as on Monday KOOV which is an education solution arm of the company made its world debut in Beijing.

According to the company, KOOV empowers students to achieve a deeper understanding of programming logic and structure with a powerful tool that supports science, technology, engineering, art and math curricula. Through an ecological system integrating school classes, community courses, robot classroom, contests, online-offline teaching system and other fields, KOOV greatly raises education efficiency and feeds programming knowledge to students in a short period of time.

KOOV is designed for children from kindergarten to ninth grade. For younger kids, the courses generally use stories, and for older students, the courses use artificial intelligent guidance to teach them abstract knowledge.

Sony teamed up with various Chinese educational institutions so that they have a better understanding of the Chinese students and jointly develop courses. Professors from Beijing Normal University, Nanjing Normal University, and East China Normal University gave speeches at the conference held in Beijing. 

New generation hardware products EKV-500B, educators’ resource package, teacher training, thesis and the team competition system and other important information was also announced at the conference. 

"China is one of the world's most important education markets. This is why we launch the product first in China. With the country's surging demand for STEAM talents, we hope to establish a new educational ecological system. In the future, we will develop more courses and introduce more STEAM educational products in the coming years," said Masaaki Isozu, CEO of Sony Global Education.

“We introduce the education solution to Chinese students at a young age to stimulate their creativity and imagination. The earlier a kid gets access to STEAM knowledge, the more benefit he/she can get.” Said Zhao Wei, general manager of the education department of Sony China Ltd. 

Sony said that KOOV is currently targeting first tier cities in china including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. It said it’s a long term commitment and plans to further expand in lower tier cities in the future. 

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