Industrial Robot Startup SpeedBot Receives the Third Capital Injection in 2019
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Robot tools working. Image credit: DXL/Unsplash

SpeedBot (湖南视比特机器人有限公司) announced that it has completed the strategic investment led by Tongwei Capital (同威资本) on October 8, raised tens of millions of yuan. This is the second round of financing it has acquired in the past three months.

Founded in August 2018, SpeedBot is a high-tech company that integrates 3D visual perception and robot flexible control interaction technology. The company is providing low-cost, high-performance integrated solutions, 3D vision algorithms, and 'machine vision+production jigs' solutions for customers in the logistics, intelligent manufacturing, and new retail industries.

Previously, SpeedBot has released the ZeroPick, a disorderly demolition robot for the multi-category packaging of the logistics industry. It is mainly used for the intelligent demolition and code of the logistics industry in the conveyor belt and pallet scenes. In 2018, ZeroPick was applied to the warehouse of a well-known e-commerce company and successfully withstood the high-intensity stress test during the 'Double Eleven' period. In thousands of categories of beverage box identification and demolition, the accuracy rate is as high as 99.9%

Combining the 3D vision, deep learning and robotic planning control technology, ZeroPick enables fast and accurate demolition for thousands of cartons with large differences in size and texture, and it also recognizes transparent plastic beverage boxes. In terms of the grabbing speed, the beat of ZeroPick's pick and shoot is 4.1 seconds per case, which is better than the Boston Power's 4.5 seconds per case. In terms of the cost, ZeroPick's 3D vision module uses a cheaper consumer-grade camera, which brings a cost advantage.

Palletization and depalletization, fast sorting, parts inspection, loading and unloading are main downstream applications of machine vision. Apart from SpeedBot, start-ups like Mech-mind(梅卡曼德)、LINXRobot(灵西机器人) have also expanded their production dimensions and provided more intelligence solutions. Machine vision and industrial robots are shaping the future factory and logistics process.

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