Origin Space Raised CNY 50 Million In Angel-stage Investment
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Mars. Image credit: Nasa/Unsplash

Origin Space (起源太空) is a Chinese startup founded in 2017, which dedicated to the exploration and utilization of space resources. The company's long-term goal is to develop mineral resources such as rare metals in near-Earth asteroids. In the near future, the multi-band space telescope is used to observe the characteristic spectrum of near-Earth asteroids, determine the mineral composition, select the mining target, and complete the first asteroid landing detection and sampling return.

Compared with foreign companies in the same field, Origin Space has the advantage of low cost and fast speed. The company cooperates with many universities and research institutions at home and abroad to integrate all the advantageous resources, fully reduce the research and development costs, and complete multiple satellite R&D projects in parallel. The team includes astronomy, physics, computer doctors from Harvard University, MIT, Hong Kong University, Peking University, Tsinghua University, and other top universities at home and abroad, as well as senior engineers with more than 15 years of experience in the aerospace field of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Aerospace Science and Technology Group. System administrator.

The origin of space hopes to become the pioneer of the strategic deployment of China's space resources and to fully combine the solid foundation of China's aerospace industry, give full play to the flexibility and high efficiency of commercial operations, and contribute to the exploration of space resources in China.

"The use of deep space resources is a topic of great concern. China is scarce and opportunistic in this respect. Origin Space is currently the most advanced domestic progress. For the feasibility of the whole business, we are eagerly awaiting the final mining and returning. I am more optimistic about the exclusive data, resources and derivative output that will bring great value in a few years. We are willing to be the earliest and most staunch supporter of high-tech startups like Origin Space", according to Zuo Lingyu (左凌烨), partner of Matrix Partners China.

On September 12, the Changzheng No.4 rocket successfully sent three satellites into the sun-synchronous orbit. The Taurus satellite is one of the most distinctive ones. This satellite also carries a small UV optical telescope dominated by the Origin Space.
This is the first ultra-light-structured large-field UV optical telescope in China, 3D printing can shorten the satellite development cycle, significantly reduce costs, optimize the structure and reduce weight.

At the same time of technical verification, the main objective is to monitor the impact events of small celestial bodies and the atmosphere in real-time and study the characteristics of small celestial bodies. The establishment of a space resource database unique to the origin of space, while the wide-area atmospheric observation of solar blind ultraviolet has a wide range of applications. 
Launch space exploration telescopes, establish a full-band, space-to-ground joint detection network, collect more accurate and diverse imaging spectrum surveys and Earth observation data, and create financial benefits by providing commercial solutions, which is the first step in Origin Space.

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