Alibaba Cloud Acquires ID Service Company, IDsManager
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Alibaba Cloud, also known as Aliyun (阿里云), announced that it has acquired the cloud service platform IDsManager (九州云腾) for an undisclosed amount. 

IDsManager is a cloud identity service platform that focuses on solving the complexities of keeping track of and securing the identities of employees, partners and clients, customers and other people connected to national institutions and various organizations. The company’s services are based on traditional account systems, authentication, authorization, and 4A auditing.

Before the acquisition, the IDaaS provider platform went through five funding rounds worth over CNY 70 million. The latest Series A fundraising, worth CNY 60 million, was led by Shanghai-based firm Qiming Venture Partners (启明创投), which holds 15% of company shares, along with VC Fortune Capital, holding 6.45%.

Founded in October 2014 by CEO Shang Honglin (尚红林), the firm has won three major awards: the 2018 IDC China Cloud security market innovator; the 2018 network security innovation of excellence and the 2018 most value network security innovation product, according to the company’s official website.

In the second half of 2018, Alibaba Cloud had a 42.9% share of the public cloud market, then followed by Tencent Cloud and China Telecom with 11.8% and 8.7%, respectively. And it estimated that China’s Cloud market will grow by 58% in 2019, with Alibaba Cloud remains the dominant cloud service provider. 

Recently, the company has carried out several acquisitions to supplement its capabilities, including the full acquisition of security solution provider Chaitin Tech (长亭科技), to improve its customized security services for government and enterprise customers; The IDsManager purchase will lead to improvements in online authentication security. 

In early September 2016, the two firms had their first cooperation when the IDaaS firm provided an API gateway service to the cloud service provider. The gateway service serves to provide a unified authentication platform. 

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