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COVID-19 and China
WIM Salon is a technology and innovation-focused event organized by EqualOcean.

The nationwide quarantine caused by COVID-19 was swiftly executed over China in spring 2020. The economy had entered a hibernate period: machines in factories stopped running, stores on streets closed, people kept social distance…

This calls the beginning of 2020. A butterfly quivers its wings in China, and the world can feel the wind, or even a tornado – the same effect applies to other countries on the earth. How deep is China bonded with you and others?

At the end of this month, EqualOcean will publish the ‘Tech for global’ research report where we discuss the landscape of Chinese A shares overseas growth, sectors like e-commerce and fintech with extraordinary performance, and global expansions of other millennium companies.

This time, we will gather two eminent industry insiders to discuss this and related topics. Here are the speakers:


Starting at 10:30 am (GMT+8) on May 31, the webinar will take 60-odd minutes.

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