World AI Conference Demonstrates the Future of AI Medical Imaging
COVID-19 and China
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The three-day WAIC (World Artificial Intelligence Conference) dug more deeply into AI’s applications in life and business, with a lot of focus on the topic ‘AI + Healthcare.’

Since the state council of the PRC released 'Development and Planning for the New Generation of Artificial Intelligence,' in April 2019, AI medical imaging, as the niche sub-topic covered in the plan, has received much attention. To solve the issue of data standards, the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) has deeply engaged in establishing a universal data regulation set. 

CAICT has achieved three significant periodic accomplishments, including a public AI test service platform – a credible, safe, and traceable platform that collects illness data from various hospitals and clinics to verify AI products.

Beyond the launch of regulations, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has held a product evaluation for AI medical imaging devices in cooperation with other authorities, including CAICT, Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance and Medical AI Research and Verification Target Laboratory. Shanghai Yitu Technology, Shanghai Deepwise,Shanghai Harmon Health, Beijing BioMind, Hangzhou Jianpei Tech, PingAn Tech and United Imaging – these were among the AI imaging companies that truly stood out from the 17 participants after the evaluation.

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