BYD Launches Mobile Charging Service
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Charging an EV. Image credit: chuttersnap/Unsplash

To solve the problem that every EV-maker and buyer faces, BYD has recently launched a mobile charging service. If a vehicle is about to run out of battery and needs emergency charging, the owner can call the customer service and a mobile charging vehicle will arrive within 60 minutes. The service is not available in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Tibet, Qinghai, and Gansu for now.

This is a cooperation between BYD and a third-party AXA (Chinese: 安盛救援). After the official request, the mobile charging vehicle will carry the charging pile to the vehicle location designated by the owner. After the mobile charging vehicle arrives, there will be an official power transmission officer to charge the car on site. After the battery is fully charged the vehicle owner and the service provider will settle the bill by themselves.

The customer service staff of the mobile charging service said that the service charges CNY 295 per kWh nationwide, which is about CNY 30 per kWh. There is no charge for the cancellation of the order within 10 minutes after departure.

Taking BYD Han EV as an example, its battery energy is 76.9kWh, which means it takes about CNY 2268 to fully charge a Han EV from 0-100 via the new BYD mobile charging service.

According to 'auto-time' the fee of charging stations in Beijing ranges from CNY 1/kWh to CNY 2/kWh. According to the highest price, it takes about CNY 154 to fully charge the same Han EV model from 0-100. It can be seen that, although the mobile charging service is very convenient, it is quite expensive.

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