Lenovo's Panel Supplier InfoVision Optoelectronics' Shares Up 707.38%
COVID-19 and China
Image credit: InfoVision Optoelectronics website

From 2017 to 2019, the revenues were CNY 4.31 billion, CNY 3.73 billion and CNY 3.85 billion. Contrary to the general trend of total revenues, the company's net profits were CNY 1.03 billion, CNY 2.89 billion and CNY 2.45 billion.

During the same period, the largest source of income shifted from mobile panels for phones to laptops. The proportion of phone panels decreased from 58.29% in 2017 to 24.02% while that of laptop panels increased from 18.43% to 55.2%. Because of the rise of notebook panels selling to internationally renowned manufacturers such as HP, Lenovo and Dell, the company's overseas market revenue has also increased, year-by-year.

Apart from those two parts, the vehicle and industrial control panel section is the third-largest business.

In terms of the gross profit margin of the three main businesses, only that of laptop panels increased and another two went down. The gross margin of phone panels dropped from 57.08% in 2017 to 19.72% in 2019.

According to IHS, in 2019, the shipments of the manufacturer's panels for laptops, phones and cars accounted for 2.19%, 4.13% and 4.23% of the global segment market.


*Contributor: Ivan Platonov
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