Former Baidu Executives Join ByteDance
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On August 24, two of the four Baidu executives who resigned in May 2019 joined ByteDance, namely Wu Haifeng and Sun Wenyu, according to Tencent News. At present, ByteDance is actively promoting its search business.

Wu Haifeng was once the vice president of Baidu and was responsible for the overall search business. Sun Wenyu used to be the executive director of the company.

Wu Haifeng and Sun Wenyu co-founded a company related to medical information after they left Baidu. At the time of their resignation, the Chinese search company had a ban agreement applied to them for one year. The ban has now come to an end. According to the latest news, their company has joined Bytedance – which shows that Bytedance has included two critical executives and teams from Baidu's search business.

After Sun Wenyu and Wu Haifeng left Baidu, several executives who belonged to Wu Haifeng's team left as well. Some of them joined TikTok's owner ByteDance as the company incorporated with ByteDance. The list includes Tan Dai, chief architect of Baidu search business. 

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