Alibaba Apsara Conference: Cloud Computers and the First Robot Unveiling
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On September 17, 2020, the Apsara Conference went online. The Cloud gaming platform PaaS1.0 was officially unveiled. Alibaba's Cloud gaming team stated that it would fully invest in 'new infrastructure' to support industry innovation. Also, Alibaba released its first Cloud computer 'Wuying' and its first logistics robot 'Xiaomanlv.'

'Wuying' is a supercomputer that 'grows' on the cloud. There is no CPU or hard disk as these functions are entirely inside the Cloud data center. With a C-Key, users can log in their fingerprint ID anytime and anywhere to access cloud computing services. Through connecting C-key to any monitor such as a TV or a screen, people can enter the dedicated Cloud desktop and access various applications and files. Currently, Wuying is only available for sale to enterprises. In the future, services may be provided to individual users.

'Xiaomanlv' is Alibaba's first wheeled robot, specially equipped for deliveries; it can easily handle complex road conditions and swiftly choose an optimal path. Its 'brain' reacts seven times faster in emergencies. It can 'run' more than 100 kilometers with 4 kilowatt-hours of electricity, and deliver up to 500 packages per day. Extreme environments such as thunderstorms, lightning, high temperature, rain and snow, garages and tunnels will not hamper its performance. Zhang Jianfeng, Dean of Alibaba DAMO Academy, stated that this robot will soon be used on a large scale in communities, schools, and office parks.

Commenting further on Cloud gaming, said Zhuang Zhuoran, the Vice President of Alibaba Group, stated that "Cloud gaming will become the main scene of personal consumption in the 5G era. What PaaS 1.0 has to do is to set up a platform for industry partners and deepen the infrastructure and underlying system software for cloud gaming. Besides, it integrates Internet applications such as e-commerce, financing, services and content to connect to the new digital consumption scene of Cloud gaming."

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