Sources: White House Allows AMD and Intel to Supply to Huawei

Technology Author: Skye Lan Editor: Luke Sheehan Sep 21, 2020 11:37 PM (GMT+8)

These are the first chipmakers to receive permission since the Chinese tech giant was banned by the Trump administration. 

Image credit: Dmitry Rodionov/Unsplash

On September 21, Intel announced that the ban from the United States government on the company was lifted, and it will continue to supply Huawei with laptop chips. 

Since September 15, the US has been applying foreclosures on the chipmakers that supply to Huawei. Semiconductor companies with US-backed technologies are now not allowed to do business with Huawei.

In the most recent week, a few main chip providers, such as Micron Technology (MU:NASDAQ), TSMC (TSM:NYSE), Samsung, Intel, Qualcomm, SMIC (00981:HK), filed for the permission to supply to Huawei. AMD (AMD:NASDAQ) and Intel (INTC:NASDAQ), became the first two to receive permissions for laptop chip supply. 

Affected by the ban, some related end-products of Huawei increased over a hundred yuan and some are in short supply. The inventory can still hold the company to operate for another half of the year. Meanwhile, the tech tussles between the US and China are evolving amid great uncertainty brought by the pandemic.