Huawei's Hubble Invests in VisionICs Microelectronics Technology
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Image credit: VisionICs website

Hubble Technology Investment became a shareholder of VisionICs Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd (VisionICs), which was founded in 2018 and received tens of millions of yuan in a Pre-Series A round led by FREES FUND and Nanjing Jiangbei Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Fund in June 2018, and acquired Silicon Valley chip design company – visionICs LLC, starting a new development stage.

The company's chips have been widely applied in autonomous driving, robot positioning and navigation, mobile phone 3D imaging space environment mapping, security and other fields, providing chip-level solutions of ranging and 3D imaging for whole machine and module manufacturers.

Since its inception on April 23, 2019, Hubble has invested in almost 20 companies, most of which are involved in the semiconductor industry. Although blacklisted by the United States government, Huawei does not give up developing hardware and helping establish the domestic semiconductor supply chain by investing in Chinese companies responsible for various parts of the semiconductor industry. At the same time, Huawei is putting more effort into the enterprise service business for new growth.

Editor: Luke Sheehan

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