DingTalk Becomes Separate Business Unit of Alibaba Cloud

Technology Author: Yingwei Fu Sep 28, 2020 06:11 PM (GMT+8)

The pandemic boosted the growth of DingTalk, an office automation SaaS, and forced the company to re-examine the product and adjust strategies to fit the sharp growth curve.

DingTalk application. Image credit: DingTalk

Alibaba Cloud has re-structured DingTalk team and upgraded it to ‘Big DingTalk’ business unit, with a bold business unit convergence plan and new senior manager assignments. Meanwhile, DingTalk’s founder and CEO Chen Hang has left the position. Rumor has it that Alibaba Group (BABA:NYSE) may assign Chen to be the assistant to Alibaba CEO and Chairman Daniel Zhang.

The Big DingTalk will integrate the original DingTalk group, video cloud team, Teambition team, enterprise intelligent business team, enterprise and government cloud business unit, digital governance middle platform business unit and part of WuDong Technology (乌鸫科技) team. The integration of Alibaba Cloud’s sub-units expands the Big DingTalk team. After the departure of CEO Chen Hang, Big DingTalk will be directly managed by Alibaba Cloud president Zhang Jianfeng.

The new structure under Big DingTalk business units will be separated into four sub-business units: DingTalk Unit (DTU), Intelligent Collaboration and Video Cloud Unit (ICVCU),  Industry DingTalk Unit (IDTU) and Government Middle Platform Unit (GMPU). Alibaba’s ex-VP Ye Jun will be the director of DTU, Alibaba ex-chief architect and CTO Zhu Hong for ICVCU and Alibaba ex-VP Chen Lijuan for IDTU and GMPU.