PlusAI and Full Truck Alliance Strengthens Ties on L4 Implementation

Automotive Author: Zirui Wang Oct 10, 2020 11:47 PM (GMT+8)

High-speed road logistics can be the first scenes in the field of autonomous driving

Image Credit: PlusAI

On September 9th, PlusAI, a leading international autonomous driving technology company, and Full Truck Alliance announced another upgrade of their strategic cooperation. As Full Truck Alliance's exclusive autopilot technology partner, PlusAI has introduced pre-installed and mass-produced high-speed trunk auto-driving heavy trucks into its strategic cooperation with Full Truck Alliance. PlusAI will provide assistance through three dimensions, including business operation, vehicle sales, and L4 driverless technology, which is aim to help the logistics industry lower cost and increase efficiency. 

PlusAI has helped FAW Jiefang recently to release an L3 level autonomous driving super heavy truck, containing: intelligence, safety, fuel-saving, reliability, and interconnection. Full Truck Alliance will carry out commercial operations based on this self-driving heavy truck. Currently, the Full Truck Alliance platform already has 9 million certified drivers and 4 million certified shippers, covering 339 cities across the country, with 110,000 routes, and the platform's annual combined transaction scale reaches CNY 800 billion.

According to Miao Tianye, Senior Vice President of Full Truck Alliance, “Manbang’s investment in PlusAI is a long-term strategic decision to make arrangements in advance for the unmanned driving that we expect to arrive in 2023."

The new model will be connected to the Full Truck Alliance's platform, using its excellent safety and fuel economy to help build a benchmark for customer service. And through optimizing supply matching and route design, collecting a large amount of real operating road test data, efficiently training the automatic driving software system, and using OTA remote update system to continuously improve vehicle performance.