Consumer Staples, Communication Author:Chendi Qian Editor:Luke Sheehan Oct 27, 2020 05:40 PM (GMT+8)

This new cooperation aims to make it easier for Shopify's merchants to reach out to TikTok's young users and promote sales.

Image credit: justplay1412/Shutterstock

TikTok announced a new global partnership with Shopify, an e-commerce platform, to further invest in social commerce. The agreement aims to make it easier for Shopify's more than one million merchants to reach TikTok's young audience and promote sales.

In this new cooperation, Shopify merchants can create, run, and optimize their TikTok marketing activities directly from the Shopify dashboard by installing the new TikTok channel application from the Shopify App Store.

These advertising tools allow businesses to create native, shareable content and convert their products into in-feed video ads to resonate in the TikTok community. As part of this work, Shopify merchants can also install or connect their 'TikTok Pixel,' a tool that helps them track conversions driven by TikTok advertising campaigns more efficiently.

The two companies collaborated on the first joint Hashtag Challenge Plus event, #ShopBlack, to celebrate black-owned businesses. Earlier, Shopify introduced black-owned companies in its app Shop. Before today's announcement, Shopify and TikTok were collaborating to test various social commerce plans.