Technology Author:Zhenduo Wang Nov 25, 2020 03:00 PM (GMT+8)

The multinational semiconductor manufacturer will provide the first batch of 3nm products to Apple and the following three batches to Qualcomm, Intel, Xilinx, NVIDIA, and AMD.

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According to the disclosure of TSMC CEO, Dr. C.C. Wei, TSMC’s 3nm processor technology research has recently achieved progress. The company plans to trial-produce 3nm processors in 2021 – and to achieve mass production in the second half of 2022 with a capacity of 55 thousand per month. It is estimated that, by 2023, the production capacity of 3nm processors will reach 100 thousand per month.

Compared to 5nm processor technology (N5), 3nm processor technology (N3) is projected to improve performance by 10-15% at the same power levels and increase transistor proficiency by 25-30%. Meanwhile, the density of transistors is estimated to increase over 70% on 3nm processors. The company plans to provide four batches of 3nm products, which will mainly supply to Apple, Qualcomm, Intel, Xilinx, NVIDIA and AMD.

The world’s largest multinational semiconductor contract manufacturing company recently said it has achieved revenue growth in 10 years and its revenue is very likely to further increase this year. TSMC stock (TSM: NYSE) down 1.52% to USD 96.64 with a total market capitalization of USD 501.18 billion at Tuesday's close.

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