WIM2020: Uniting the World through Technology and Innovation

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On December 9-12, EqualOcean held the World Innovators Meet (WIM) 2020. This year, the event's main topic was 'Technology and Innovation Connect the World.' WIM2020 gathered innovators from Asia, Africa, Europe and North America to share their knowledge and key achievements, promoting the concept of 'Tech for Equal.'

WIM overview


1+7+3+1, WIM2020 must-watch online

The WIM2020 was divided into 11 chapters: 1 Technology and Innovation Leadership Chapter + 7 Industry Chapters + 3 Overseas Chapters + 1 World Innovators Awards Ceremony 2020.

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The WIM2020 World Innovators Award Ceremony was held on the evening of the 11th of December at the Westin Hotel in Jinmao. 

Global involvement

WIM2020 was based in China and involved innovators from all over the world: Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. More than 30% of WIM speakers were outside China.

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Reports and lists release, insights about possible trends in 2021

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On the Scene

Technology and Innovation Leadership

On the morning of the 9th of December, leading figures from various areas shared their thoughts and insights about the impact of the pandemic in the chapter of Technology and Innovation Leadership, including Paul Romer, the co-recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics in 2018; Jianguo Wei, the vice president of China Center for International Economic Exchanges; Christine Tsai, CEO and founding partner of 500 Startups; Wei Li, the chairman and founding partner of GPCP; Yang Yao, the Dean of National School of Development at Peking University; Xuan Tian, the Associate Dean of Finance at PBC School of Finance, Tsinghua University; Dexon Li, the general manager of Intel China Ecosystem Development Office; Hao Shen, the chief scientist at Big Data Center, State Key Lab of Media Integration and Communications; and Yuanpu Huang, CEO of EqualOcean. In this chapter, they discussed the risks and opportunities brought by the COVID-19 and the impact on the post-pandemic global economy.



At the end of the chapter, Fan Zhang, the executive director of EqualOcean, officially released the WIA investment institutions list and awards that directed funds for supporting outstanding technology and innovation enterprises, accelerating their development for the benefits of the world.


Technology Driving Investment

The Technology Driving Investment chapter brought together technology and innovation giants from different fields to discuss a core value of technologies and innovation research and the development potential of enterprise – as well as the correlation between technology and innovation capabilities and enterprise value.  Participants shared their experiences in the context of a new technology wave.

The speakers of this chapter included Tianmiao Wang, the Dean of the School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Beihang University; Yizhe Wang, the managing director of China Everbright Group; Yun Xie, the chief scientist of Boke information; Renxian Jian, the founder and CEO of Bot Factory; Xucheng Yin, the associate dean, professor, Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, Beijing University of Science and Technology, Bin Wang, the managing director of EqualOcean, Jia Xu, the general manager of SmartMore and Liang Chang, the executive managing director of EqualOcean.



Restarting New Consumption in Post-pandemic Era

New consumption in the post-pandemic era is one of the most important and urgent problems nowadays. This chapter’s main topic was ‘Invisible technologies, visible future.’ It included more than ten business giants, such as Pinduoduo’s vice president; the vice president of Maoyan entertainment; the vice president of Marketing Operation, ORVIBO; the founder and CMO of Energy Monster; the vice president of Genki Forest; the general manager of BIOHYALUX and other big entrepreneurs discussed new models, new opportunities, brand upgrading, technologies and innovation in the consumer industry.



Global competition in automotive and mobility

This chapter gathered well-known entrepreneurs and investors in the travel technology industry to discuss new opportunities in the automotive industry, the potential for digital development in the era of intelligent vehicles and investment opportunities for travel technology in the context of new infrastructure, which is accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the global automotive industry.

COO of DiDi Autonomous Driving Company; the vice president of Helloglobal; CEO of GOFUN; the co-founder and CEO of Newlink; the present founder and CEO of Megatronix and other professionals in the automotive industry expressed their opinions about the future development of the global travel technology industry.



Industrial Intelligence and Connectivity

The chapter of ‘Industrial Intelligence and Connectivity’ was focused on the development trends of the industrial artificial intelligence industry, new understanding of flexible manufacturing, data intelligence, digital era and industrial intelligence industry’s opportunities in China.

The speakers in this chapter were Junsong Peng, the vice president and chief digital officer of SAP China; Wei You, the managing director and CEO of Effort Intelligent Equipment Co, Ltd.; Jinzhu Li, the director of the management of New Kinetic Energy at Kutesmart; Zongchang Liu, CDO of Foxconn Industrial Internet; Jemy Huang, the founder of EQXIU; Cici Chen, the president of Tianji Robot; Antonio Lin, the founder of 4D SHOETECH and others representatives of this industry shared their innovation experience under the wave of industrial Internet of Things and industrial artificial intelligence.



The HealthTech Industry and COVID-19 Pandemic

The severe global epidemic situation has put the health care industry into the spotlight again. The sudden Black Swan event has had a huge impact on the medical system and has brought many challenges and opportunities as well. Which changes of technologies and innovation in the health industry will be brought about by the pandemic? In this chapter, speakers focused on the regulations and capital market of the health care industry.

To attend WIM2020 and to share with the audience profound ideas about the HealthTech industry in the post-pandemic era were invited Xiaoming Yang, the president of CNBG; Jing Pan, the president of TMiRob; Kuan Chen, CEO of InterVision; Hua Yan, the vice president and CMO of GE Healthcare China; Ray Yang, the partner of Marathon Venture Partners; Chang Chen, the president of Sige Biotech.



New Tech Charm of Real Estate Industry

The main idea of the ‘New Tech Charm of Real Estate Industry’ chapter was to focus on how to improve the human living environment with technologies and innovation. It included discussion the new real estate trends in terms of digital tools, digital marketing, intelligent design, online brokers, industrial real estate, smart home, new urban governance, and so on.

The speakers of this chapter included Wenjie Li, the vice president of KE Holdings; Lei Li, the founder and CEO of HuiZhaoFang; Wanyu He, the founder and CEO of Shenzhen XKool Technology; Quanlin Feng, the president of Macalline Love Home; Benjamin Liu, the investment and operation general manager of Jinke Industrial Investment Development Group; Langxiong Wu, the Deputy Dean of Mingyuan Real Estate Research Institute and general manager of Solution Center; Jolin Yin, the strategy director of REMAC Smart technology; Xiaoxia Shi, the research director of EqualOcean, all of them are contributing to real estate industry technologies and innovation development.



Fintech: Reshaping Global Cooperation

At present, the level of marketization, digitalization and two-way opening of China's financial system has been significantly improved, and capability in ‘technology enabling finance and financial service entities’ has been significantly enhanced. The modern financial system, with the main principle of ‘making financial technology and innovation better and strengthening financial industry,’ is gradually improving.

The WIM2020 ‘Better technology and innovation and strong financial industry’ conference was held on December 12 and was guided by Shanghai Financial Association, Shanghai Services Federation and Investment Technology League, sponsored by Shanghai Xuhui district Development and Reform Commission (Finance department) and Comprehensive development and Xuhui Bingjiang area Construction Management Committee, and organized by Shanghai West Bund Development Group Co., Ltd and EqualOcean.

The summit was attended by Shanghai Financial Association, Hong Kong Land, Shanghai West Bund, Shanghai Xuhui District Development and Reform Commission and hosted by EqualOcean CEO Yuanpu Huang.


Global Chapters

WIM is an annual event in the global technologies and innovation field. The WIM2020 was organized in the form of online conference with guests from all over the world, who shared their insights about trends in technologies and innovation in the nearest future. In an era of uncertainty, only technologies and innovation will help the world to overcome its present challenges. Innovators from different overseas regions form three global chapters – namely Africa, Europe and North America – focused on the development of overseas markets and its latest trends.




WIM2020 World Innovators Award Ceremony

The WIM2020 World Innovators Award Ceremony was held on the evening of the 11th of December at the Westin Hotel in Jinmao. Representatives of award-winning enterprises, individual enterprises and partners of the EqualOcean were invited to attend the WIA.

EqualOcean hopes to encourage and support technologies and innovation in several industries around the world by holding WIA, gathering the best of innovators together to fulfill the most important mission – making a viable platform for technology and innovation around the world.



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About WIM

Hosted by EqualOcean, the World Innovators Meet (WIM) (click to watch the online event on December 9-11, 2020) is a global event for innovators. It provides limitless opportunities to learn from and connect with the most sought-after technology pioneers.

About WIA

The World Innovation Awards (WIA) are announced at WIM to recognize game-changers across various industries and geographies. Selected by a committee of distinguished experts, entrepreneurs and investors, WIA are designed to acknowledge technology disruptors striving to make a positive impact on a global scale.

See this year's WIA lists and download the research reports in English and Chinese on EqualOcean and 亿欧智库 respectively.