Technology Author: 马渭淞 Editor: 张宇喆, Jiahao Yang Apr 01, 2021 08:54 AM (GMT+8)

On the evening of March 31, SMIC international IC Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (SMIC) released its new financial report, the first since landing on Shanghai's Sci-Tech Innovation Board.

SMIC International

SMIC's revenue in 2020 was USD 3.907 billion (about CNY 26.97 billion), a year-on-year increase of 25.4%, while net profit attributable to the company was USD 720 million (about CNY 4.69 billion), three times that of the previous year; its gross profit grew the considerable amount of 43.3%, to USD 929.9 million.

In regards to revenue structure, CNY 23.99 billion came from Yuanjing OEM business, accounting for 88.9% of total revenue in 2020, whereas the rest of revenue was attributed to photomask manufacturing, testing and other supporting technical services.

In terms of application fields, SMIC made a remarkable performance in all three categories, namely the smartphone applications, smart home applications and other applications – these accounted for 39.47%, 19.82% and 18.05% of its revenue. They showed a growth of  21.7%, 6.5%, and 28.3% respectively. 

By regions, the firm grabbed 63.5% of its revenue from the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong. Business in North America contributed 23.2%, and Europe and Asia accounted for 13.3%.

In terms of products, the proportion of SMIC's revenue from 90nm was 58.1%, 7.5% higher than the last fiscal year. Among them, 55 / 65 nanotechnology increased from 27.3% to 30.5%. The revenue contribution of 28nm and below technologies leaped from 4.3% to 9.2%.

In addition, the R & D investment of the company was CNY 4.67 billion, accounting for 17.0% of the revenue.

As for SMIC's development plan, the revenue target of SMIC for the first half of 2021 is about CNY 13.9 billion, and the annual gross profit rate target is 10-20%. The capital expenditure will be CNY 28.09 billion, most of which will be used for the expansion of mature technology, and the rest will be invested into advanced technology, new programs and other elements.

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